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Sunday, 15 March 2020

Hero Jr. NTR will shock fans in RRR

Hero Jr. NTR will shock fans in RRR

Hero Jr. NTR will shock fans in RRR
Hero Jr. NTR after Aravinda Sametha decided to completely change his look to play in RRR with his most favorite director of Telugu cinema, SS Rajamouli.

He will shock his fans in RRR, it seems. He might not just appear as Komaram Bheem but he could appear in two other roles, sources say.

Some say that there are accoutrements and not roles too. Until he reaches the appearance of Komaram Bheem, as we know the great freedom fighter, there will be changes in his appearances as a train raider for bombs and also as a fighter in the forests, it seems.

In one sequence, he will fight with a tiger and scenes of friendship between him and Ram Charan will be the highlights of the film, it seems.

What about us Megastar Chiranjeevi , ask for daily bets

What about us Megastar Chiranjeevi , ask for daily bets

What about us Megastar Chiranjeevi , ask for daily bets
Daily bets in any industry depend on the money they make on the day they work and they try to save some money on rainy days.

Few daily bets do not get such an opportunity because the wages are not at the level of big stars or popular actors. Therefore, they pose a relevant question to Chiranjeevi.

They ask what about them if the industry decides to close for 15-20 days. Even if they are saved from Covid-19, they fear starvation.

Not all of them have high salaries by the thousands to avoid facing major problems if they do not have to work for days. In addition, beginning artists do not receive money if they do not have a day job and few depend on the production of food to fill their stomachs and try to buy drugs with money saved for family members.

All of these people will suffer for several days and their lifestyle will be threatened. Chiranjeevi has announced that he welcomes Telangana CM KCR's decision and that he has stopped shooting the film Acharya in support of KCR's decision to lock down public places.

Director Puri Jagannath is just looking at his son, right?

Director Puri Jagannath is just looking at his son, right?

Director Puri Jagannath is just looking at his son, right?
Director Puri Jagannath entered the industry to prove himself as a writer and become a director. He first wanted to learn the trade as an assistant director.

His family sent him money, and he tried to find a way to earn his own money at least to cover his expenses.

The director joined Ram Gopal Varma as an assistant after he became a sensation with Telugu Shiva. He became an actor in Hindi Shiva and later became his assistant, Krishna Vamsi later, directing Doordarshan series to earn his food.

With the emergence of Pawan Kalyan, he had his first chance as a director with Badri then with Idiot, Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi, he even became a successful producer.

The following story is known to everyone. Well, we can see it in this photo as a member of Shiva Gang with Nagarjuna in this frame.

He just looks at his son Akash Puri at a young age, doesn't he? Ram Gopal Varma shared the return photo and Puri Jagannath thanked him for his first opportunity.

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Hero Nithiin With His Director Brigade!

Hero Nithiin With His Director Brigade!

Hero Nithiin With His Director Brigade!

Nithiin is looking to change his script selection because the audience expects something new from each Telugu actor film. Even for niche films, there is an audience these days.

Therefore, actor Nithiin seeks to try different subjects from similar ones. After Bheeshma, he tries a completely contrasted role in the film by Chandrasekhar Yeleti.

He started shooting for Rang De Venky Atluri and it's an intense romance with doses of comedy. He recently started working on the remake of Andhadhun with Merlapaka Gandhi as a director.

Her best friend and director, Krishna Chaitanya works on the Power Peta trilogy. Filming will start from next year.

In this photo, you can see him with Venky Kudumula, Venky Atluri, Krishna Chaitanya and Merlapaka Gandhi from left to right. His line-up looks very interesting, right?

First look: Nayantara In Amman Avatar Looks Perfect

First look: Nayantara In Amman Avatar Looks Perfect

First look: Nayantara In Amman Avatar Looks Perfect

Recently, lead actress Radha Ravi said that Nayantara had never acted in roles in Amman like KR Vijaya to deserve huge respect from society and that her fans would be "excited" when looking at her bikini images.

The actress seems to have decided to respond to these remarks in her new film, Mookuthi Amman, film.

The poster of her first look at Amman getting up has left the film and she looks perfect in this outfit. Almost she adapted the role as Ramyakrishnan and Soundarya, Meena.

RJ Balaji who made his debut as a lead with political satire, LKG, seems to take blind beliefs and "Bhakti Industry", with this film.

He plays in the film as lead and also performs with NJ Saravanan. With the glamor Nayantara in the background, it would be nice to see her play a full friendly role as Amman in this film.

Comedian Sunil Varma Gets A Role In PSPK27

Comedian Sunil Varma Gets A Role In PSPK27

Comedian Sunil Varma Gets A Role In PSPK27

Comedian Sunil became a serious supporting actor after trying to lead roles. He made his debut as a villain with Disco Raja and he again plays the role of villain in Color Photo, a film.

The actor tries to re-establish himself as a busy supporting actor, but somehow the comedy roles don't click for him.

So he tries all kinds of characters. In PSPK27, director Krish offered him an important role also in combination with Pawan Kalyan, it seems.

He has played with Balu star Jalsa before and this character has a lot of leeway to impress the public, it seems.

We hope that Sunil will find the greatest success he has been waiting for in a few years with all the films he has recently signed.

Friday, 21 February 2020

Naga Shaurya, Venky and a car. What happened?

Naga Shaurya, Venky and a car. What happened?

Naga Shaurya, Venky and a car. What happened?

Naga Shaurya, who was going through a difficult period in his career, achieved enormous success in the form of "Chalo". It was also his first production adventure. At the same time, 'Chalo' was Venky Kudumula's first film as a director. Both had an unbreakable bond at the time. Over time, the link weakened and differences began to appear.

Naga Shaurya said he gave Venky a chance to leave the industry at the time. He added that Venky did not answer his calls after the success and even sold the car he had offered. These comments became sensational and people eagerly awaited Venky's version of the story.

Monday, 3 February 2020

Prabhas will not sign his next one before ...!

Prabhas will not sign his next one before ...!

Prabhas does not want to sign his next film until he has finished his film with UV Creations. It is his policy to make one film at a time and he is in no rush, it seems.

He only appeared in the series Baahubali, Saaho after Mirchi in seven years, but he agrees with all the time given to him to make these films, it seems.

He thinks that Baahubali has put more pressure on his shoulders and trying to get someone to work fast will always lead to bad results.

Therefore, he wants to finish one movie at a time and only finish the job when he is sure he will attract a global audience with this script, it seems.

So even Dil Raju, a kind of producer, is waiting for his nod to announce their film, but the actor keeps everyone waiting and we won't hear about his next projects until the end of this year, seems -t it.

Allu Arjun should he be careful in building his brand?

Allu Arjun should he be careful in building his brand?

Allu Arjun made careful efforts in his early days to see that he got support from Mega fans and he makes no claims that could hurt others.

Allu Arjun should he be careful in building his brand?
But since he started getting good support from fans outside of Mega Fandom, he seems to have gotten a bit pompous, at least in the eyes of Mega fans.

He was very, very aggressive with Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo becoming an industry hit and although he said he thought someone was going to break his record and he didn't care, promotions present different things.

He may have been expecting such success for years, but the screening of collections and the discourse on recordings of film crossings dominated the quality of the film.

We think he just wants to celebrate a great moment because it may not repeat itself with all the movies and also make sure that no one takes it lightly.

A young man files a complaint against Pradeep Machiraju

A young man files a complaint against Pradeep Machiraju

Pradeep Machiraju plays the main role in the film "30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela?" The film is preparing for a release soon.

A young man files a complaint against Pradeep Machiraju
Rana Daggubati, stars of the genre Mahesh Babu help the anchor to promote his first film as lead. Amrita Aiyer plays the lead role.

Now a youngster named Sunisith Sriramoju has filed a lawsuit against Pradeep Machiraju stating that the anchor should not be part of the movies.

He said the actor broke the rules of the CBFC by acting in this film because he was previously arrested for assaulting a woman for 2 days.

He said that when he learned that the actor was part of a film, he immediately filed a file on the anchor and also the director of the film.

What is Vakkantham Vamsi doing these days?

What is Vakkantham Vamsi doing these days?

Vakkantham Vamsi started as a news anchor, became an actor, and then joined the series. Suddenly disappeared from the television sets and became a writer.

He has given stories to Ashok, Kick, Kick 2, Temper and a few other films. He became one of TFI's busiest writers and even one of the highest paid.

He and Kona Venkat used to get the same amount as the writers. The latter has now become a producer and Vakkantham has tried to become a director, almost like Koratala Siva.

But his film, Naa Peru Surya failed and he now works as a script analyst at Geetha Arts, it seems. He is the person behind the merger of Trivikram Srinivas and Allu Arjun for Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo, it seems.

The hero Nikhil will marry his Lady Love | Andhra Talkies


The hero Nikhil will marry his Lady Love

The hero Nikhil Siddharth is ready to say goodbye to his celibacy soon. Yes, he will marry his Lady Love this year.

According to reliable sources, Nikhil took Dr Pallavi Varma, from Bhimavaram, on a romantic trip to Goa, found the right time to kneel down and offered him a visit. Everything fell into place with the positive reaction from the other end. The two families are more than satisfied with the choice of Love Birds.

The engagement ceremony took place in Goa on February 1 of this year in the presence of family members. Nikhil and Pallavi will marry on April 16, 2020. Plans for the big wedding will be made in the next two months.

On the professional level, Nikhil is back with the success of Arjun Suravaram. He has some exciting projects in the works.

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Power Star Pawan's Target - 5 Projects In 24 Months! | Andhra Talkies

Power Star Pawan's Target - 5 Projects In 24 Months!

Power Star Pawan's Target - 5 Projects In 24 Months!

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is now on a signing session. Never before has he been as busy as an actor as Powerstar used to sign his next project at the end of his current film. To change, he is currently signing several projects. What could be the reason? Jana Sena Chief Powan Kalyan cannot count on fans all the time for the funding required for party activities. Instead, he will have to find ways to obtain the funds necessary for the proper functioning of the party. This is why PK offered its consent to directors and production companies wishing to collaborate with him.

Friday, 10 January 2020

Darbar opens huge in Tamil Nadu on first day

Darbar opens huge in Tamil Nadu on first day

Darbar opens huge in Tamil Nadu on first day

Rajnikanth has the most important star power and box office pull that any star are going to be envious of. He at the age of 70, still can usher in crowds to the theatres on first day just together with his screen presence.

His latest movie, Darbar again proved that and producers are proud of the reports that the movie got on the primary day.

They might have wanted an awesome blockbuster talk but fans of Rajni are satisfied with the film for many extent.

People are going to be successful in Tamil Nadu , estimate the trade experts there. Movie opened to a huge 25 crores gross, approximately on the primary day, albeit it's a working day.

Movies should be ready to pull in decent crowds because it is that the only massive release till the Pongal holidays are over within the state.

In Telugu states, movie collections are disputed as some say film crossed 10 crores gross on first day while some reported it's 7.5 Crores for a Share of 4.5 Crores approximately.

We have to attend for producer Lyca Productions, official word before we are saying about the ultimate First day figure everywhere the planet . The expectations of Trade are above Rs. 85 crores gross, Worldwide for the primary day - 9th January, 2020.

Mahesh to seem in small screen for a TV serial!

Mahesh to seem in small screen for a TV serial!

Mahesh to seem in small screen for a TV serial!

Superstar Mahesh Babu recently shot for a TV serial last night while he was in Taj Deccan for an after-party of 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' team. do not be surprised, he didn't actually draw a bead on a TV serial but sources say that he shot for a promo along side anchor Pradeep Machiraju.

Apparently, Mahesh are going to be seen alongside Pradeep during a promo of 'Turpu Padamara' which is telecasted on Zee Telugu. Nobody is conscious of the rationale behind this shoot but it'll be exciting to witness Mahesh on the tiny screen for once.

On the opposite hand, Mahesh is super confident on the results of 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' and it's quite visible within the interviews he did. After this film, he will take a niche of three months and can join Vamsi Paipipally's project then .

Ram Charan and Olivia shooting for RRR


Ram Charan and Olivia shooting for RRR

Ram Charan is in Vikarabad forest shooting for RRR and with him even Olivia Morris is shooting within the latest schedule.

The young British actress has updated that she is shooting for the film on social media and that we got the news that Ram Charan is a component of fight sequences that involves her within the film.

Jr. NTR isn't currently shooting for the film and his schedule will start after the festival, it seems. By February end or beginning of March almost 90% of the film shoot are going to be finished, it seems.

Rajamouli has already began post production and he will join the method from March middle to ascertain the film are going to be ready by July, because the producer, DVV Danayya is insisting on the date, 30th July.

Alia Bhatt recently completed her part and Ajay Devgn will complete his part by the top of January, it seems.

Even the International artists portions are going to be completed before March end, it seems. Movie will have more montage songs than lip-sync songs but there are three songs with one patriotic group dance with Ram Charan & Jr. NTR, say sources.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Vijay receives royal treatment at Bollywood!

Although "Pelli Choopulu" is his first hit, it's "Arjun Reddy" who made Vijay Devarakonda what he is today. He became an overnight star and the success of 'Geetha Govindham' only added to his huge popularity. After that, he received two failures like "NOTE" and "Dear Comrade". Although "Taxiwaala" was a success, it was done long ago before it became a star.

He tested the waters in production with the 'Meeku Matrame Cheptha', which proved to be a failure. Currently, he is working on two projects and there is no buzz on these films.

Why does not Dhanush come to promotions?

Versatile actor Dhanush and chic director Gautham Menon have teamed up for an interesting project called "Enai Noki Paayum Thota". It was supposed to be Megha Akash's first project. The film finished shooting a long time ago, but Gautham Menon's financial difficulties have kept the film in the box for more than a year or two.

By crossing all the obstacles, the film will be released this weekend. He is nicknamed Telugu "Thoota". Advance bookings have also begun and Gautham Menon is doing everything in his power to make the film accessible to the public. But Dhanush shows no interest in promoting this film and focuses on his other projects. He did not attend a meeting with the press or an interview, which may be explained by the fact that he was upset by continuous reports. In addition, people are still not able to believe that this film is coming out because they have already seen it delay many times.

Budget problems for 'RRR'!

'RRR' is a gigantic film directed by SS Rajamouli. With Jr NTR and Ram Charan, this fantastic drama of pre-independence raises many expectations. Coming from Rajamouli after a huge "Baahubali", this film is made with a budget of more than 300 crores.

But sources close to the unit of the film say that budget problems are starting to appear for "RRR". DVV Danayya being the only producer of this film, the budget is very heavy for him. The actual budget far exceeds the estimated rates, which prevents Danayya from managing the project according to the reports. Also with debts increasing daily, the situation is now worrying decision makers.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Who took how many Bigg Boss 3

The Bigg Boss season ended last Sunday with Rahul Sipligunj as the winner. The 105 days of the trip are over and all candidates are income to life. Let us watch what people have implied in the reality TV show won.
In conversation with the host of the show, accused of corruption 5 creations for having shot more than 30 episodes. Although he missed a weekend as we envied Spain to celebrate his 60th birthday, his pay has not changed. Sources claim that it's more than what NTR and have been taking for previous seasons.

The winner of the season, Rahul, has won 50 lakhs and 30% of his prize will be deducted as a tax. Apart from that, it might be easier to stay at home for several days.

Sreemukhi, a finalist, would receive the highest remuneration, having obtained about 80,000 lakhs for 105 days of stay. As she has a good craze, she would have done more for each day. Finalists like Varun Sandesh, Ali Reza and Baba reaped about 20-25 lakhs.

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