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Monday, 12 June 2017

Jr Bunny - What an Actor?


Jr Bunny - What an Actor?

Allu Ayaan was the center of attraction during the audio launch of 'DJ' last night. Contrary to the assumption that Megastar would unveil the sound, the boy of Alli Aravind, Grandson & Dil Raju, completed the formality. The two children launched the first CD of 'DJ' in the presence of guests and fans.

Everyone could agree that Acting is in the blood of Mega Family after watching Allu Ayaan at the "DJ" event. Ayaan did not bother to offer a helping hand to Pooja Hedge shortly after his arrival. He concentrated solely on what was happening on the stage without even turning to the heroine. While sitting on his mother's turn, Ayaan used to close his ears because of the loud noise every time a song was thrown. He did not remove his hands from the ears that asked him to do so.

Why DJ must become a Big Hit? Bunny reveals!


Why DJ must become a Big Hit? Bunny reveals!

Why 'DJ - Duvvada Jagannadham' should be a great success? Allu Aravind & Allu Arjun have only one reason for this!

Allu Aravind: "Generally, I want all My Son movies to succeed, but I want DJ to be a huge success for the good of our family friend Dil Raju, and he has suffered an irreparable loss ... The death of his wife Anitha.No one can compensate for this loss, but I wish Bunny a huge success to make him happy.

Allu Arjun: "We were skeptical whether or not Dil Raju attended the shooting after Anitha's death, but he took down the sets after completing all the rituals on the 11th day. The habit of maintaining a smile on his face to ensure that the shooting is not affected by his personal loss.I wish "DJ" to become a great success for Dil Raju.

Power Star Pawan Kalyan Ideology in Allu Arjun's DJ


Pawan Kalyan Ideology in Allu Arjun's DJ

At the audio launch of 'DJ', Director Harish Shankar disclosed the conversation in between him and Pawan Kalyan post the success of 'Gabbar Singh'.

Harish Shankar: 'After the success of 'Gabbar Singh', Pawan Kalyan hasn't spoken about it anywhere. So, I met him one day and requested him to offer an interview. He said no to it immediately saying...Success Manatho Collar Egareyistundhi - Chala Matladakudani Matalu Matladistundhi - Neeku Sambandham Leni Vallanu Hurt Chestadi - Manam Em Matladina Success Taruvatha Oka Thappu Vethukuthuntaru - Anduke Oka Cinema Hit Ayye Varaku Kastapadathanu - Success Ayyipoyina Taruvatha Ee Cinema Nadi Kadu Ani Cheppi Duram Vellipothanu Ani Chepparu. When I requested him again, He said: 'Harish…You got a big success, so be careful!''.

Traditions Changed In Duvvada Jagannadam Audio Event


Traditions Changed In DJ Audio Event

Every time there is an audio feature of Mega Heroes ... Pawan Kalyan fans will surely shout 'Power Star .. Power Star'. Allu Arjun was troubled by these creeks a few times ... and hit them by saying "Cheppanu Brother". It became a major problem later on. Pawan fans have expressed their anger against Bunny in several ways. This is the reason why everyone was curious about the DJ audio launch. But the situation has completely changed in the DJ audio event.

Everyone understood that the fans of Pawan Kalyan are present in a gallery of the auditorium. When Harish Shankar took the name of Pawan and told him he was a simple man ... or any other person mentioned the name of Power Star ... Whistles and shouts were heard in this gallery. More than these whistles and cries, most fans continued to shout "DJ DJ". They kept shouting DJ ... when Harish Shankar .. Allu Aravind gave their speehes. Nobody could understand why they shouted DJ in the Bunny function.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

He says the rabbit has transformed a Brahmin


He says the rabbit has transformed a Brahmin

The lyrics of Asmaika Yoga Tasmaika Bhoga Rasmaika Raga Hindolam upset the brahmans. As the words are reprehensible, their community has raised objections. The DJ team has removed the reprehensible words ... not only that ... Harish Shankar and Allu Arjun are trying to woo Brahmans.

Harish Shankar revealed that when he was at Bunny's house in the early morning, there were ten Brahmins. He thought there was a puja activity in his house ... but he knew later that Bunny invited them to his house to improve his diction ... knowing how to read Vedas ... how to sing them With a perfect accent. Harish said that Bunny has worked hard to appear as a traditional Brahman ... and talk like them and succeed. Bunny said he stopped eating non-vegetarian food when he played the role of DJ. He said it was a proud moment for the Brahmins.