Sunday, 15 March 2020

What about us Megastar Chiranjeevi , ask for daily bets

What about us Megastar Chiranjeevi , ask for daily bets

What about us Megastar Chiranjeevi , ask for daily bets
Daily bets in any industry depend on the money they make on the day they work and they try to save some money on rainy days.

Few daily bets do not get such an opportunity because the wages are not at the level of big stars or popular actors. Therefore, they pose a relevant question to Chiranjeevi.

They ask what about them if the industry decides to close for 15-20 days. Even if they are saved from Covid-19, they fear starvation.

Not all of them have high salaries by the thousands to avoid facing major problems if they do not have to work for days. In addition, beginning artists do not receive money if they do not have a day job and few depend on the production of food to fill their stomachs and try to buy drugs with money saved for family members.

All of these people will suffer for several days and their lifestyle will be threatened. Chiranjeevi has announced that he welcomes Telangana CM KCR's decision and that he has stopped shooting the film Acharya in support of KCR's decision to lock down public places.

Well, his intentions might be Nobel and laudable, but they seem slightly impulsive. Perhaps an amicable decision should have been made by him and his team after a regular reflection process on all sides.

While they may have saved them from Covid-19, some of them might try to lead a full life on a daily wage that is more difficult these days.

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