Monday, 3 February 2020

Prabhas will not sign his next one before ...!

Prabhas will not sign his next one before ...!

Prabhas does not want to sign his next film until he has finished his film with UV Creations. It is his policy to make one film at a time and he is in no rush, it seems.

He only appeared in the series Baahubali, Saaho after Mirchi in seven years, but he agrees with all the time given to him to make these films, it seems.

He thinks that Baahubali has put more pressure on his shoulders and trying to get someone to work fast will always lead to bad results.

Therefore, he wants to finish one movie at a time and only finish the job when he is sure he will attract a global audience with this script, it seems.

So even Dil Raju, a kind of producer, is waiting for his nod to announce their film, but the actor keeps everyone waiting and we won't hear about his next projects until the end of this year, seems -t it.

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