Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Viva Harsha obtains the blessing of Allu Aravind !?

Allu Aravind is known for his futuristic ideas and his progression in time rather than speaking of a bygone era.

As a producer, he is fed by a rabbit by looking between his older sons, Venkatesh, also known as Bobby, for creating his own store. It was his third son, Shirish, taking over, while Bunny, said Allu Arjun, left in memory the legacy of Allu Ramalingaiah, his father.

Sirish said it was a magazine. He has created a new wing, Geetha Arts 2, to present, broadcast and produce low-budget films, while the main banner will combine and produce great films.

He entered the distribution while the big producers were already announced. Today, we have the interest in the giants of the distribution and a new smooth for the projection of movies in the Telugu States.

It exists between the digital space and plans to launch an OTT content production platform, which will be made available to consumers as a mobile application and desktop version.

Before launching on a large scale, it is possible to collaborate with others to fully understand the market space or dive thoroughly. Research to carry out operations for Geetha's digital wing has been ongoing for two years.

Thus, Geeta collaborates with other big budget film production houses, it was not before. In the pilot programs, Viva Harsha appears to be the main web series.

Sanjjana Galrani plays the female lead and the Web series will follow ALT Balaji-style adult comedy in Telugu, but with less vulgarity, sources said.

After Vijay Devarakonda, it seems that Viva has the blessing of Allu Aravind, even if it's on the digital plate!

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