Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Kalyan 'Ram' becomes 'Ravan'

Kalyan 'Ram' becomes 'Ravan'
Kalyan Ram, who recently enjoyed success with the film '118', is moving slowly. According to the latest reports, the actor is likely to make a film with the newcomer Malladi Vasishta.

Rumors are that the title of the film will be 'Ravana' and that, to justify this title, we will see Kakyan Ram represent the role of Ravanasura in the film. Considered a big-budget movie, the director is currently finalizing the script of the film. Initially, rumors ran that the film would be titled "Tughlak". But as the film will encounter problems with the title and the audience will take it for a fun title instead of a powerful title, the directors decided to change it to "Ravana".

The official announcement regarding the title of the film has not been published yet. Kalyan Ram is currently busy filming his next film and will be launching the filming of 'Ravana' at the same time.

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