Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Did Varma make a personal goal?

Did Varma make a personal goal?
Ram Gopal Varma sparked controversy by making a pornographic film entitled "God, Sex and Truth" with porn star Mia Malkova. He was even burned for several hours by the Hyderabad police after a case was brought against him on the grounds that making pornography was a crime in India. At that time, Varma defended himself by saying that he did not visit Europe or that Mia Markova had gone to India to shoot porn content. It has even been reported that the director told Cops that he had just given instructions to his team via Skype for the work to be done. But now he seems to have reached his personal goal.

On the eve of Mia Malkova's birthday, Ram Gopal Varma wished the porn star all the best for her happiness, as she continues to give so much happiness to everyone and her immense conviction to present the true truth of God & Sex. He admits, "I realized that beauty is actually a global personality and has nothing to do with the inside or the outside. I have never met a person as direct, honest, determined and strong-minded as Mia Malkova. "

While placing these comments, Varma had even shared an image of himself on the spot with Mia Malkova while he was shooting for "God, Sex And Truth". Has RGV got into trouble doing it?

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