Saturday, 1 June 2019

How many Maharshi have collected so far?

Many debates have taken place on Maharshi's income. The manufacturers of the jackpot were accused of false projection because the collections they cited did not correspond to word of mouth.

Dil Raju officially announced that the action "Maharshi" had crossed the 100 crores mark. He declared it as the most rude of Mahesh Babu's career. In particular, the producer proudly declared that "Maharashi" will soon join the Rs 30 Crore club in Nizam.

"Rangasthalam" holds the non-Bahubali record with a crore of 128 Rs. 'Khaidi No.150' has managed to collect a share of nearly 105 crore Rs. And now, 'Maharshi' becomes the first film shared for the Superstar with a rump of Rs 175 gross and 100 crore. If the claims of Rs 175 crore Gross are true, the share of the historical film must be at least greater than Rs 110 crore. What are you saying?

Superstar fans are happy with the "box office" result of "Maharshi". They think that Mahesh Babu chose a perfect subject for his historical film.

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