Sunday, 30 June 2019

Do big budgets hammer box office health?


Do big budgets hammer box office health?

Big budget movies in all languages ​​are a big boost at the box office, they generally increase the potential and strength of the market. Films like Baahubali of course.

But such films make actors who have a star in their own budget, you should know that they can also click on them.

Prabha did not come out of the big market that Baahubali had opened for him and was still shooting for Saaho after two years.

The film has been sold 200 times and failed, the risk will be greater, the exhibitors will be exorbitant.

Sye Raa is another film in production for 2 years and recently entered post-production. Pre-delivery types are the two most important for the Telugu film market.

But they are so exorbitant that the film becomes a double or triple blockbuster, the film can become a profitable hit.

Thus, to accommodate them, producers would be able to reduce the rate of change, which could be reduced each year.

Well, Telugu must be the cinema for big budget movies, it should also be important that medium budget and low budget movies do not lose the market. If people decide to watch big budget movies for sale,

Maybe producers and distributors could develop a plan to ensure that big budget movies are not bigger.

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