Sunday, 30 June 2019

Kalki - Prasanth Varma


Kalki - Prasanth Varma

Prasanth Varma directed on the movie Awe and turned a lot to him with a movie attempt.

He is done with Dr. Rajasekhar and the film was released on Friday. He spoke to the media on Sunday.

He would have said, "I would have had a bad grade if I had criticized my Kalki.

He went on to say, "I'd love to follow the directors who made such big hits before trying such a movie." So I saw a lot of things before Kalki.

This kind of scenario is based on the twist and is not the same kind! "

About Tamanna's version of Queen's remake, he says, "I went into the movie that's complete." I finished the film in 31 days. to be in trouble for saying these things! "

It was added that he liked the judicious ideas given by Jeevitha and Rajasekhar.

He said he did something to do. The verdict of Kalki has been decided. He has your series that his Hot Web series will be different for Telugu

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