Sunday, 30 June 2019

Sweetest gifts from Arjun Reddy to Preethi


Sweetest gifts from Arjun Reddy to Preethi

It is said that "Arjun Reddy" has become a memorable blockbuster for the young hero Vijay Devarakonda who has become a star of success.

The same film was redone in Hindi with "Kabir Singh" with Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani. Sandeep Vanga who piloted the original version also used the megaphone for the remake in Hindi. The film had a positive impact on the audience. The film is doing by Arjun Reddy and even surprises the trade. Vijay Devarakonda presents the most beautiful gift of the main actress Kiara Advani with the sweetest message. "Kiara, congratulations on Kabir Singh!" I send my best and some of my clothes ... it sounds bad - "clothes of my line", writes Vijay Devarakonda.

Shankar is looking at Thala-Thalapathy now?


Shankar is looking at Thala-Thalapathy now?

Shankar of the cinema has already made sure to be recognized by the legend of the Indian cinema which has also been said of the greatness to the classic films.

The director made famous Kamal Haasan's Indian film, then Aparichitudu, which became a success in Hindi too, allowing him to try higher-budget films.

He is the desire to live Rajnikanth in Sivaji, Enthiran and 2.0. With the exception of version 2.0, two other sensational discs have been created and are known as the classic commercial.

He lost touch with the handling of movies with VFX and I, 2.0 has become a good example. He went back to Kamal Haasan, for Indian-2, because it's the movie that started.

Do big budgets hammer box office health?


Do big budgets hammer box office health?

Big budget movies in all languages ​​are a big boost at the box office, they generally increase the potential and strength of the market. Films like Baahubali of course.

But such films make actors who have a star in their own budget, you should know that they can also click on them.

Prabha did not come out of the big market that Baahubali had opened for him and was still shooting for Saaho after two years.

The film has been sold 200 times and failed, the risk will be greater, the exhibitors will be exorbitant.

Sye Raa is another film in production for 2 years and recently entered post-production. Pre-delivery types are the two most important for the Telugu film market.

Kalki - Prasanth Varma


Kalki - Prasanth Varma

Prasanth Varma directed on the movie Awe and turned a lot to him with a movie attempt.

He is done with Dr. Rajasekhar and the film was released on Friday. He spoke to the media on Sunday.

He would have said, "I would have had a bad grade if I had criticized my Kalki.

He went on to say, "I'd love to follow the directors who made such big hits before trying such a movie." So I saw a lot of things before Kalki.

This kind of scenario is based on the twist and is not the same kind! "

About Tamanna's version of Queen's remake, he says, "I went into the movie that's complete." I finished the film in 31 days. to be in trouble for saying these things! "

It was added that he liked the judicious ideas given by Jeevitha and Rajasekhar.

The Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy family protests!


The Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy family protests!

Yes, what you read is correct, Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy, nicknamed the first Telugu Freedom Fighter, family members sat down to protest at Ram Charan.

The young actor is the producer of Sye Raa, with Chiranjeevi as Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy. He promised the family to pay them compensation for the use of the story as well as their real estate.

Now, the actor's team has asked family members to claim no rights and refused to pay compensation for damages, it seems.

The family members were expecting a certain amount from the producers in the name of the compensation, because they had lost their harvest because of this shooting.

Friday, 28 June 2019

What did Tamanna leave?

Official launch of 'Raju Gari Gadhi 3' recently. Tamanna, who played for the female lead, took part in the opening ceremony with the film crew. But now, the speculations are staggering about the fact that Milky Beauty has come out of the third installment of Horror-Comedy.

As a popular version in circulation, Tamanna agreed to be part of 'Raju Gari Gadhi 3' when the script was told to her six months ago. The final narration was given to him only after the muhurat. Tamanna was shocked to know the radical changes to the script.

The manufacturers of 'Raju Gari Gadhi 3' have not yet responded to rumors circulating. Are they in talks with the company?

Young hero teases his 45-year-old girlfriend

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora have recently formalized their residential relationship. Malaika and her teenage son are currently in New York City for Arjun Kapoor's birthday party.

Malaika Arora shared a holiday photo on her social media account. Arjun Kapoor's uncle, Sanjay Kapoor, started teasing Malaika with the following comment: "Who clicked on the image?"

Immediately, Arjun Kapoor stepped forward to shoot his lover's leg with a void comment, 'Yeah, who ?? Pray, say '.

Needless to say, Arjun Kapoor himself clicked on the photo shared by Malaika Arora. Do not be surprised if they get married so soon.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Tollywood celebrates at Indian-Pakistani match

Tollywood celebrates at Indian-Pakistani match

Tollywood Movie Celebrities flew to England after watching the matches played by India against big opponents at the 2019 ICC ODI World Cup. Mahesh's family match India-Australia championship.

This time it's Lakshmi Manchu's turn. The multi-faceted actress was found on the American flag in favor of Team India at Old Trafford during the match against Pakistan Today

Just like Manchu It will be an epic disappointment if the India-Pakistan match is eliminated.

Anaganaga Oka Nanna - Nani's sister realized it!

Anaganaga Oka Nanna - Nani's sister realized it!

Nani worked in the management department of "Radha Gopalam" led by Bapu. However, he never had the opportunity to perform before becoming an actor and never looked back after the release of "Astha Chemma". What Nani failed was accomplished by her sister ..! Yes, Deepthi Ganta has donned the director's hat for a short film entitled 'Anaganaga Oka Nanna'.

Sharing the news of the launch, Nani wrote: "This very sweet short film will be released at 6 pm tomorrow. Deepthi Ganta and my sister Kadha? Enti written and realized? Ee twist chudham ento :) Stay tuned.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Rashmika gives shock to the Tamil hero


Rashmika gives shock to the Tamil hero

Rashmika Mandanna would have a romantic relationship with Mahesh Babu in his neighbor. Activity a priori rumors, claiming that she played a role in a Tamil film.

Rumors have circulated according to what is Rashmika would be back for the film "Sarileru Neekevvaru" by Mahesh-Anil Ravipudi. It is said that Rashmika Mandanna sees the depth of her character before signing a project. She has no glamorous role, making kissing scenes in her lips. As her role in Sivakarthikeya, she was not forced, she was removed from this film.

Raj Tarun's wedding with a girl from Vijayawada


Raj Tarun's wedding with a girl from Vijayawada

Interview in his recent, Raj Tarun "Six years ago, I met him in Vizag during the celebration of my birthday. We have become close to the times. ", Did he declare.

Although it is said, she was the lucky girl, Raj Tarun revealed that his son was in love with the film's love. He was even hinted that his son was a successful businesswoman.

The young hero plans to get married next year with the acceptance of both families. The promised to reveal soon the details of the wedding. "We have a good understanding. Romantic or light scenes are part of acting. She understood and made a lot of confidence, "he says confidently.

Saturday, 1 June 2019

How many Maharshi have collected so far?

Many debates have taken place on Maharshi's income. The manufacturers of the jackpot were accused of false projection because the collections they cited did not correspond to word of mouth.

Dil Raju officially announced that the action "Maharshi" had crossed the 100 crores mark. He declared it as the most rude of Mahesh Babu's career. In particular, the producer proudly declared that "Maharashi" will soon join the Rs 30 Crore club in Nizam.

"Rangasthalam" holds the non-Bahubali record with a crore of 128 Rs. 'Khaidi No.150' has managed to collect a share of nearly 105 crore Rs. And now, 'Maharshi' becomes the first film shared for the Superstar with a rump of Rs 175 gross and 100 crore. If the claims of Rs 175 crore Gross are true, the share of the historical film must be at least greater than Rs 110 crore. What are you saying?

Photo Story: The Bikini Beauty sunbath!

Actresses who appear in simple or traditional on-screen roles do not need to be of the same type as the screen. The last post of Mishti Chakraborty to the fame of 'Chinnadana Nee Kosam' proves it. On the beautiful picture, you could see her lying on the sand of a beach in Goa while wearing a bikini in two parts.

Mishti loves the water, the sand and the heat of the sun on his skin. She even wants to do this feat every day of her life.

This picture in Mishti Chakraborty's bikini was a surprise for everyone. No one had ever imagined that a person known for his pretty or simple looks could look so sexy. What way to create a new image?
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