Monday, 22 April 2019

Poster Talk: Maharshi Theme Revealed!

A New Poster of 'Maharshi' confirming the launch of Fourth Singh #PadaraPadara at 4.05 pm on April 24th has actually disclosed the theme of this biggie. A close look at the poster gives a feeling that this flick is based on the farmers issues. Mahesh Babu was walking in front of the farmers who are real sons of the soil. Isn't it like a successful businessman leading from the front to bring a change in the lives of farmers?

Sky will be the limit if social issues are blended with the story perfectly with necessary commercial elements. This could be why Mahesh Babu opted for a script like 'Maharshi' for his 25th project.

Team Maharshi is currently focussing on building the buzz around the project. #PadaraPadaara Song could be an emotional track. If the listeners connect with the emotion in it, Then there will be every possibility of the film hitting the bull's eye.

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