Friday, 1 March 2019

Bigg Boss contestant's liplock with star hero

Bigg Boss contestant's liplock with star hero : The highly anticipated adult Tamil movie '90 ML' finally got released today. Though there are no big stars in the film, the movie got housefull which is surprising the trade people.

The reason behind the movie becoming a hot topic is Oviya of Bigg Boss fame. Oviya became popular because of the Tamil Bigg Boss. She has gained a massive fan following while she was in the Bigg Boss house. Another major factor that is attracting the audience towards this film is star hero Simbu composing tunes and also playing a cameo in the film. Rumors are rife that the movie features a bunch of adult scenes. Simbu not only played a cameo but also reportedly acted in a lip-lock scene with Oviya which is grabbing the attention.

Though she got a little fane after 'Bigg Boss', she has now become extremely popular by kissing Simbu. Usually, Kollywood star heroes won't easily do lip-lock scenes but Simbu doing it with a small heroine like Oviya is sure big news.

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