Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Huge threat for 2.O in 2 days

Huge threat for 2.O in 2 days
Northern India is one of the areas where the success rate of '2.O' is exceptional. The Hindi version of the sci-fi thriller continues to earn double-digit numbers even during the week. A crore of 13.75 rupees was generated on Monday, December 3, but 11 crore of 11.50 rupees was recovered on Tuesday, December 4.

The collections could be more than Rs 10 crore Wednesday and Thursday, to help the film to get closer to more than 150 crores. The real test for '2.O' begins on Friday, December 7 when Kedarnath appears on the screens.

Kedarnath is performed by Sushant Singh Rajput and beginner Sara Ali Khan. The film directed by Abhishek Kapoor is coming out with good expectations. People are particularly curious about Sara Ali Khan, daughter of Saif.

Trade analysts say, "Kedarnath" is like earning a crore of Rs 6 to 8 on day 1. From the second day, everything depends on exams and word of mouth. If this happens, it will have an impact on the "2.O" income during the second week.

In the Telugu circuit, "2.O" faces the opposition of the new versions "Kavacham", "Subrahmanyapuram" and "Next Enti". On December 7, they are all projected on the screens and replace the sci-fi film in most theaters of B & C centers.

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