Monday, 1 October 2018

Why NOTE could become a super hit?


Why NOTE could become a super hit?

Vijay Devarakonda's films will eventually become big hits if they spark controversy before the release. It's a feeling that his fans have at least after the success of 'Arjun Reddy' and 'Geetha Govindam'. And now, even "NOTE" has been involved in a controversy.

Producer and director Kethireddy Jagadeswar Reddy launched the protest against the release of "NOTE" in Telangana. He asked the election commission and the governor to look at the political film as a backdrop to decide whether it should be published before the vote.

Protesters sent letters to EC, the governor, the Ministry of the Union and the DGP demanding the blocking of the "NOTE" release. They want the Vijay Devarakonda-starrer to be released only after the elections.

The fans of Vijay Devarakonda are rather satisfied with these developments. They knew that any controversy would only increase the hype and find fabulous openings for "NOTE". October 5!

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