Sunday, 30 September 2018

Kaushal Army - THE BIGGEST!


Kaushal Army - THE BIGGEST!

During Bigg Boss 2, Kaushal's army is one thing that has made headlines on a regular basis. This Organization has become so powerful that the fate of several competitors has been decided by it. Kaushal Army had in fact dictated conditions to Bigg Boss Management more than once in season 2. They had even encouraged host Nani to move from an attack zone to a protection zone.

A man who is responsible for all these crazy things is none other than Kaushal Manda. No other competitor in Bigg Boss's history has managed to get such support or a loyal fan base. Do not go into details such as which competitor is right and who is wrong here. Kaushal would not have been in that position today if he had not done at least some good things. It's a fact that even his enemies would accept any day!

No matter who won Bigg Boss 2, Kaushal Army will be remembered for a very long time. At least, few candidates for future Telugu Bigg Boss editions will be inspired. That's why Kaushal Army is the biggest!

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