Thursday, 5 July 2018

I will never talk bad about Kalyan Kalyan: Renu Desai


I will never talk bad about Kalyan: Renu

Renu Desai is not able to handle the negativity that is going on around herself after leaving Twitter. His overflowing social media once in a few days became the talk of the city.

The current issue concerns a photograph broadcast by a political figure to tarnish the image of Pawan Kalyan. Renu Desai reacted seriously to the fans who asked and those who issued threats to defend Powerstar. The actress recalled that the same people asked her to support everything silently and to ignore when she was abused for 5 years. She has now questioned the fans why can not they apply the same rule for their God.

Finally, Renu Desai assured fans that she would never speak negatively about Pawan Kalyan in public. She made it clear that no political party could influence her to denigrate the image of the father of her two children.

Renu Desai's message:

Oh irony!

I really thought that eventually I would be able to use my Instagram in peace but life is full of irony!

The same people, who, when I was constantly mistreated for 5 years without fault on my part, told me to ignore the abuse and keep quiet!

When I spoke protecting my self-esteem and dignity, these people told me to "wear it all in silence"

I have been accused of being a researcher of attention, trying free advertising for my movies and many more!

The Gentiles have just told me that all this is a political ploy and that I should just "ignore it"!

Now, when a stupid politician circulates an image that is negative about garbled Kalyan, my instagram inbox is full of messages, some ask me, some are rude, some threaten me, some kindly ask to go out and defend Kalyan garou the words are wrong!

How come the rules are different for him and me?

Was not my self-respect important when I was personally abused for 5 years without any fault on my part?

Why have I been repeatedly told to shut up and endure it without posting anything in public? Now, when the name of Kalyan garus is slandered, I am asked to come clean it?

I am really deeply hurt by the partial society in which we all live!

I hope and pray that one day I will receive my peace and my closing!

Also, please note that I will never speak badly of garbled Kalyan in public. No political party can ever influence me to speak negatively about the father of my two children.

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