Thursday, 12 July 2018

Hollywood movie on Tham Luang cave!


Hollywood movie on Tham Luang cave!

The incident in Tham Luang Cave where 12 children and their football coach were stranded became a hot topic in the global media. The rescue team including expert swimmers from Thailand and other foreign nationals have successfully rescued anyone who worked hard for nearly two weeks in adverse conditions.

As the incident continuously caught the attention of the world's media for two weeks, Hollywood producers would be eyeing the subject and putting it on the front burner. The latest reports from Thailand suggest that some Hollywood producers have reached Thailand to observe the Tham Luang caves in order to have first-hand information about the incident.

Going into the details of the incident, a football coach and 12 students went to the caves. As the caves flooded with ceaseless rains after they entered the caves, they remained stuck inside. Five Thai swimmers and thirteen foreign rescue specialists took part in the rescue mission for the victims. It is known that a Navy Seal lost its life in the process of the rescue operation.

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