Thursday, 12 July 2018

NTR will endorse the mobile store brand


NTR will endorse the mobile store brand

Brand endorsements are a source of income for celebrities who love celebrity. Mahesh Babu wears more than a dozen brands. Allu Arjun, NTR, Nagarjuna, Ram Charan, Akhil and Naga Chaitanya have endorsed several brands.

One or two call sheets that include ad-media interactions are more than adequate per year. Usually, Tollywood stars charge anywhere from Rs 1 crore to 10 crore per each support according to their request.

Recently, Ram Charan has agreed to be the ambassador of the brand Happi Mobiles. Now, another Tollywood star has been preparing to promote a mobile store brand.

NTR was roped like the face of Celekt Mobiles. He will end the chain of mobile stores for a period of one year. The deal was closed for a fancy price by Young Tiger.

Photo Story: Elli Baby gets hot!


Photo Story: Elli Baby gets hot!

If someone asks a user: Do you know Elisabet Avramidou Granlund? then he will surely say, "Who is it?" If the same question is asked in a different way "Do you know Elli Avram?" He will immediately say "Yes". The first is his real name. The audience following Bollywood movies and Instagram knows this Swedish Greek model.

Elli is known for her enviable curves and beautiful looks. She made headlines for the Bollywood media when she appeared on Salman Khan's Bigg Boss-7. As Ellie approached Salman, the Bollywood tabloids went to denounce her as Sallu Bhai's girlfriend.

Elli is active on social media and she often publishes bikini pictures to tease the public. She recently shared a super hot photo of a beach in Athens, Greece. The cleavage show and its sexy expression made the photo a special photo. She subtitled the picture "My Sunday vibrations, tell me what's yours?"

Hollywood movie on Tham Luang cave!


Hollywood movie on Tham Luang cave!

The incident in Tham Luang Cave where 12 children and their football coach were stranded became a hot topic in the global media. The rescue team including expert swimmers from Thailand and other foreign nationals have successfully rescued anyone who worked hard for nearly two weeks in adverse conditions.

As the incident continuously caught the attention of the world's media for two weeks, Hollywood producers would be eyeing the subject and putting it on the front burner. The latest reports from Thailand suggest that some Hollywood producers have reached Thailand to observe the Tham Luang caves in order to have first-hand information about the incident.

How did Chiru's son-in-law become a hero?

How did Chiru's son-in-law become a hero?

How did Chiru's son-in-law become a hero?

Kalyan Dev debuts as a hero with 'Vijetha'. He received the offer to become a hero in the week following the end of the temporary training offered by Satyanand in Vizag.

Producer Sai Korrapati asked Satyanand to send photos of Aspiring Actors who were trained by him. It was then that he sent pictures of some young people. Then Sai Korrapati asked Satyanand to send some more pictures of Kalyan Dev. Only then was he informed that the young man is Chiranjeevi's son-in-law. Soon, Sai Korrapati approached Chiru with the proposal to launch Kalyan Dev as a hero.

Hearing the story, Chiranjeevi suggested the directors to string Murali Sharma to play the role of Father. This is the only correction he made.

What did Sai Dharam Tej do after 6 flops?


What did Sai Dharam Tej do after 6 flops?

Sai Dharam Tej had a good start with three successes (Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitam, Subramanyan For Sale, Supreme). Its downfall started with 'Thikka' and continued until 'Tej - I love you'. He learned a lot of lessons during this phase and decided not to repeat the mistake.

Interestingly, Tej invented a new set of rules that he would follow for his future projects.

1) Scripts: The choice of scripts has been worse for two and a half years. So now, he wants to make a final decision only after discussing scripts with his relatives.

2) No Remix Songs & Mannerisms by Chiru: Producers and directors used to insist on including such elements to please fans. Such an "Intelligent" attempt failed. Tej has decided not to accept such proposals anymore.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Rajamouli, Deva Katta to work together?


Rajamouli, Deva Katta to work together?

Rajamouli shot to national fame with the superb success of the 'Baahubali' franchise. The film has made him the most sought after director in India. Although Rajamouli is one of the best directors, he never gives the opportunity to appreciate other directors for their work. He openly admires his fellow directors without any ego.

There is a discussion in the circles of the film that Rajamouli plans to transfer the executive responsibilities of the Sivagami web series to Deva Katta. Sivagami web series is based on a book titled 'The Rise Of Sivagami' written by Anand Nilakantan. It is a kind of prequel to 'Baahubali' that deals with the theme of how Sivagami became a queen and why Kattappa acted as a throne slave, etc.

Bigg Boss ban request | Andhra Talkies


Bigg Boss ban request

Hindu Outfits has demanded a ban on Tamil Bigg Boss, which is hosted by Kamal Haasan. They complained that the Celebrity Reality Show promoted Western culture and vulgarity.

On Thursday, Dharnas was featured in Chennai against Tamil Bigg Boss, presented by Kamal Haasan and Vijay TV. Slogans were launched against the Versatile Actor and the Chaîne which broadcasts the reality show.

Hindi organizations have threatened statewide protests if Bigg Boss is not banned. The police intervened when the activists on the right attempted to encircle the Vijay TV office. Protesters were arrested and transferred to the nearest police station.

Fortunately, no such request has been made against Telugu Bigg Boss. Season 2 hosted by Nani has continued so far. Although the TRPs were not as good as Season 1, Natural Star does a good job of maintaining a good weekend entertainment quotient.

I will never talk bad about Kalyan Kalyan: Renu Desai


I will never talk bad about Kalyan: Renu

Renu Desai is not able to handle the negativity that is going on around herself after leaving Twitter. His overflowing social media once in a few days became the talk of the city.

The current issue concerns a photograph broadcast by a political figure to tarnish the image of Pawan Kalyan. Renu Desai reacted seriously to the fans who asked and those who issued threats to defend Powerstar. The actress recalled that the same people asked her to support everything silently and to ignore when she was abused for 5 years. She has now questioned the fans why can not they apply the same rule for their God.

Finally, Renu Desai assured fans that she would never speak negatively about Pawan Kalyan in public. She made it clear that no political party could influence her to denigrate the image of the father of her two children.

She is the most followed Indian on Instagram


She is the most followed Indian on Instagram

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra earned worldwide recognition after entering Hollywood with the Quantico series. She then starred in a Hollywood film "Baywatch". With movies, she sizzles in all international film festivals. This has brought him tremendous popularity in social media.

According to the latest update, Priyanka Chopra has reached $ 25 million on the popular Instagram photoharing app. She is the most followed Indian on Instagram now. Another Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone has 24.9 million followers and she was in second position. The Indian cricketer Virat Kohli is in third place with 22.7 million followers.

Pic of the day: When Pawan Kalyan was in 7th class?

Pic of the day: When Pawan Kalyan was in 7th class?

Pawan Kalyan shared a photo back that reflects the connection he had with his siblings. Jana Sena Chief was studying the 7th class at Nellore at that time. The photograph was taken after PK recovered from prolonged bronchitis. Not only for Mega Family, this image will always be special for fans and will stay in their memory forever.

Even today, both Chiru and Pawan share a close bond with their siblings. This should be inspiring for fans who want to lead lives like their demi-gods.
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