Sunday, 24 June 2018

Sensational message from Sri Reddy on the sex racket


Sensational message from Sri Reddy on the sex racket

Sri Reddy said the majority of the population did not believe his outcry when she fought Casting Couch and assumed it was a publicity stunt. She called the public to realize at least now why the movement was started by her.

The Reddy Girl criticized the Movie Artist Association for trying to put on makeup instead of offering solutions to these problems. She went on to say that several Star Heroines & Struggling Actresses were engaged in the meat trade for luxurious offerings and lifestyle.

Sri Reddy alleges that Kishan Modugumudi will keep the profile photos of the actresses that were available at a certain time as his WhatsApp DP. While sharing a picture of a Top Hero wearing a leotard and holding a shopping bag, she wondered why Kishan was placing it as her DP. An image of another actress was shared by her saying that it is India's current WhatsApp DP of Kishan. She dared to say that Grade D actresses do things so inexpensive to survive.

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