Sunday, 24 June 2018

Rajamouli reveals an interesting thing about Chiru


Rajamouli reveals an interesting thing about Chiru

Another young hero who is about to enter the industry from Mega is none other than Kalyaan Dhev, Chiranjeevi's son-in-law. His first film 'Vijetha' is getting ready to release in theaters soon. To increase the buzz around the film among the audience, the filmmakers organized the audio output event in large. Rajamouli honored this event.

Speaking at this event, Rajamouli said some inspiring words. "Chiranjeevi is a good actor, a good dancer and also a good fighter, everyone knew, but there is one thing that only people in the industry knew about him, Chiru has a special skill to judge history script, he can analyze the good and the bad and can guess the result perfectly.We first told the scenario of Magadheera to Chiranjeevi and after he said OK, we had confidence on the film. He is the one who chose the movie Vijetha, we can expect it to be a good film too, "said the director of Bahubali.

"Sai Korrapati said it was a small film. When asked about the technicians, he said that cameracameramanthil.It was when I realized that it is not small but will certainly become a big one.I really liked the chicken song.wif, e do not like songs, but she really appreciates this song. "Rajamouli added on the pluses in the movie. Rakesh Shashii led this project while Malavika Nair played the female lead role.

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