Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Photo Story: Kevvu Keka! | Andhra Talkies


Photo Story: Kevvu Keka!

Some people say that "age is only a number". The expression is perfect for beauties like Malaika Arora. Although she is 44 years old and has a teenage son, she gives a tough competition to a 19-year-old in terms of fitness.

Malaika is not only popular in Bollywood, but she has sizzled in Tollwood with hot numbers such as "Kevvu keka" from "Gabbar Singh". Apart from the action in movies, she is very active in social media and she often shares hot photos to tease web users. She recently shared such a photo and wrote on her Instagram that "Dancing like no one is watching ..... shot by @ethanjamesgreen, thanks @ natasha.poonawalla for the photo."

Although it's still dancing, Malaika appeared super sexy in the photo in the black top. Its curved curves will give young people sleepless nights. Malaika does not make movies in the recent past but she does not stop her hot photos. The beauties of the younger generation can not stop envying the older beauty for sure.

Bharat Ane Nenu .. Sarkar .. Same theme?


Bharat Ane Nenu .. Sarkar .. Same theme?

Whenever a movie of star heroes goes on filming, several speculations will make tricks in the media. If the speculation is positive, the hype will be increased on the film. A similar thing is happening with the latest film of Tamil star hero Vijay, 'Sarkar'.

'Sarkar' is directed by AR Murugadoss. There is a discussion in Kollywood that the 'Sarkar' theme is similar to the film 'Mahesh Babu' Bharat Ane Nenu '. We know that Mahesh Babu involuntarily enters politics and becomes the CM in the latest developments. Vijay film has the same theme that Vijay is an NRI .. he returns to India and accidentally enters politics. How Vijay succeeds in politics against all odds in the theme of the film. We have to wait and see how the Murugadoss-Vijay duo will impress the audience with this political backdrop film.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Tribute to Sridevi: Deepika in the southern remake


Tribute to Sridevi: Deepika in the southern remake

The sudden disappearance of legendary actress Sridevi in ​​February deeply upset moviegoers and their fans. It is known that many celebrities across India have made their rich tribute to Sridevi. A high-level production company is planning to pay rich tributes to Sridevi for re-doing a classic Southern Sridevi film in Hindi.

The production company reportedly approached Deepika Padukone to take over the role of Sridevi in ​​Hindi. The title of the film is not revealed but the reports say that the classic film was made four decades ago and that Sridevi's performance was very much appreciated in the film. The production company is of the opinion that Deepika can do justice to the remake.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Sensational message from Sri Reddy on the sex racket


Sensational message from Sri Reddy on the sex racket

Sri Reddy said the majority of the population did not believe his outcry when she fought Casting Couch and assumed it was a publicity stunt. She called the public to realize at least now why the movement was started by her.

The Reddy Girl criticized the Movie Artist Association for trying to put on makeup instead of offering solutions to these problems. She went on to say that several Star Heroines & Struggling Actresses were engaged in the meat trade for luxurious offerings and lifestyle.

Rajamouli reveals an interesting thing about Chiru


Rajamouli reveals an interesting thing about Chiru

Another young hero who is about to enter the industry from Mega is none other than Kalyaan Dhev, Chiranjeevi's son-in-law. His first film 'Vijetha' is getting ready to release in theaters soon. To increase the buzz around the film among the audience, the filmmakers organized the audio output event in large. Rajamouli honored this event.

Speaking at this event, Rajamouli said some inspiring words. "Chiranjeevi is a good actor, a good dancer and also a good fighter, everyone knew, but there is one thing that only people in the industry knew about him, Chiru has a special skill to judge history script, he can analyze the good and the bad and can guess the result perfectly.We first told the scenario of Magadheera to Chiranjeevi and after he said OK, we had confidence on the film. He is the one who chose the movie Vijetha, we can expect it to be a good film too, "said the director of Bahubali.

The heroine of Rajini is sexy | Andhra Talkies


The heroine of Rajini is sexy | Andhra Talkies

The beauty of Delhi Huma Qureshi began his career by making some ads appearing on silver screens with the film Gangs of Wasseypur. She did a bunch of Bollywood movies, including Jolly LLB2. Hums also became familiar with the Southern audience after she shared the screen space with Super Star Rajinikanth in Kaala's film.

Although the film has become a flop, the audience is impressed by his skills. Now, she proves that she can also win glamorous roles. His Instagram photos are enough to increase temperatures. Recently, she shared a photo of her wearing a black and white monokini and looks like she's smoking hot. By tying her hair in a ponytail, the actress posed in front of the camera while standing in a pool.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Does Chaitanya plan to play the role of ANR again?


Does Chaitanya plan to play the role of ANR again?

We all very much appreciated the courage of Naga Chaitanya to play the role of ANR in Mahanati, a biopic of Savitri.

Few of them expressed negative comments, but most of them appreciated his appearance and wished that Tarak also agreed to play NTR.

Now, there's a big buzz in TFI, that even in the NTR biopic, there will be scenes that include ANR and NTR off-screen friendship and war, also some scenes that talk about their on-screen chemistry.

They remained friends in the industry even though their relationship experienced some disruption.

Director Krish also wants to describe this aspect of NTR's life and asked Naga Chaitanya to play, ANR seems to be.

Mega Senior as father of Taarak | Andhra Talkies


Mega Senior as father of Taarak

We can say that the link between celebrities in Tollywood is increasing these days. Unlike the past, all heroes have a friendly relationship. Especially the links between the Nandamuri family and the Mega family are strengthening. Ram Charan and NTR have been close friends for a long time. The duo star heroes will also make a movie.

But before starting the project, NTR's upcoming film, Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava under the direction of Trivikram, will allow Tarak to share a good relationship with another Mega Hero. Recently Power Star Pawan Kalyan attended the launch event of the film as a special guest. According to the latest reports, the other brother Mega is ready to share the screen space with NTR and it is none other than Nagababu.

Rana to fight humans | Andhra Talkies

Rana to fight humans

Global warming, the extinction of animal species have become a cruel reality today with the growth of Carbondioxide and Carbon Monoxide emissions.

In addition, for housing and other purposes, the forests are cut down and they will quickly shrink as well. In these moments, even the big popular animals like the Lion, the elephants are also threatened.

While elephant tusks have always been a major reason for killing animals, with a rapid reduction in forest area, their wild and natural life is largely threatened.

Rana will play the guy who saves a group of elephants and also protects their natural habitat from humans, it seems.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

The new title of Rana is here | Andhra Talkies


The new title of Rana is here

Rana Daggubati is one of the most popular actors in India and Telugu cinema today. Thanks to Baahubali, his name became widely known.

Therefore, producers who want to make a film with him are looking to make a multilingual movie rather than a single movie.

Even his Nene Raju Nene Mantri published his Tamil under the name of Naan Aanayittal. Before that, Ghazi, published in three languages.

Now another multilingual is done with the inspiration of Haathi Mera Saathi, Rajesh Khanna starrer.

For this movie of Prabhu Solman, the title is decided to be Aranya and in Tamil it is called, Kadan. In Hindi, Jungle, could be the title.

Prabhu is known for making movies that have forest and nature as themes and this one is no exception. In this film, Rana will be seen taming elephants, it seems.

Maruthi dares to tell the truth | Andhra Talkies


Maruthi dares to tell the truth

Maruthi Dasari is a self-made man and as a director he is one of TFI's most successful filmmakers.

Normally, during pre-releases, any director or actor will try to praise filmmakers and guests. That too, if it's a Rajni movie, the stories about how much they love Rajni will be the subject of the day.

While keeping Rajni's greatness as a subject, Maruthi told the truth by saying that Kabali collapsed.

He said that Rajni is a great person who values ​​talent because he gave Pa. Ranjith another chance even though Kabali failed and said that many actors would not even respond to the directors' calls if the film was shot at the box office.

This made Pa Ranjith and Rajni uncomfortable, but they did not try to fight. Dil Raju, the producer also said that Maruthi is right and he knows how much Rajni appreciates people.

In any case, someone had to tell the truth and Maruthi dared to do it.

Why Kangana covered the face with the plastic bag?


Why Kangana covered the face with the plastic bag?

Today is World Environment Day. Kangana Ranaut transmitted a good message for humanity on this occasion.

Watching the 'Queen' Star place a plastic bag on her head could have made people wonder: 'What is she doing?' But, she did exactly what was necessary to make public take her message seriously.

Kangana talks about the harm that plastic causes to the planet. She said you can not even breathe properly by placing a plastic bag on her head for 10 seconds, so imagine what the life of the sea goes through. The actress warned: "There will be more plastic than fish at sea if this situation continues for the next 30 years. I urge everyone to ban single-use plastic bags.

Golden Chance for all the actors out there | Andhra Talkies

Golden Chance for all the actors out there | Andhra Talkies

Golden Chance for all the actors out there

NTR, a film about Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao is produced by Nandamuri Balakrishna and he is also producer of the film.

Krish took the direction of Teja, after the director left the film due to creative differences.

Now, the film crew has decided to call new actors to be part of the film in some key roles.

They asked the actors not to approach them directly by telephone or to come to the office for hearings. They insisted that the actors who are ready to be part of the film, to send their 30-second clips by mail.

They gave an e-mail identifier: casting.ntrbiopic@gmail.com. The team insisted that actors should only send entries by mail and that they should attach their bio-data with a 30-second clip.

They promised to call them for an audition, they find them interesting and tailored to their requirements.

Well, the movie finally seems to make some progress and we wish all the people who would try their luck, all the best!

Akash Ambani Invitation Invite | Andhra Talkies


Akash Ambani Invitation Invite

Mukesh Ambani's eldest son, Akash Ambani, is ready to get engaged with his mate Shloka Mehta at his Mumbai residence on June 30th.

Already, Ambani Family has started distributing invitation cards. The Invitation to Commitment consists of a one-minute video clip featuring a montage of Akash & Shloka.

Akash Ambani knew Shloka Mehta since they studied at the Educational Institution Dhirubhai Ambani. Shloka Mehta is the daughter of diamond magnate Russel Mehta.

On March 24, Ambanis and Mehtas celebrated in advance the commitments of Akash and Shloka to Goa. The big fat wedding is going to happen in December 2018.

Buyers are not interested in Rajni Kaala!


Buyers are not interested in Rajni Kaala!

The combination Rajnikanth and Pa. Ranjith has scared many distributors and buyers. They show no interest in buying the film for fancy prices.

Even when the rates were reduced, they are unable to trust Pa. Ranjith as the previous film of this combination, Kabali, dropped miserably.

This film was bought for Rs. 35 crores in only two Telugu states but it ended up doing less than Rs. 12 crores, it seems.

Now, when the Lyca Productions, who bought the distribution rights in Telugu and Tamil, asked for Rs. 25 crores, none of the distributors came forward.

Finally, on the basis of commissions, NV Prasad and Dil Raju showed up for the release of the film. All profits and losses will go to the producers, in which case the presenters, Lyca Productions and the two major distributors will receive a certain percentage in commission.

Well, it's an unpredictable situation for Rajni's movie and it could be the movie, with the least buzz of it, for years.

An officer is replaced everywhere


An officer is replaced everywhere

Nagarjuna and Ram Gopal Verma created sensations with Shiva and Antham. Their Govinda Govinda has recovered the costs because of the official opening.

But after 25 years, when they met, they made an officer. This time, there is no big opening or long-term feeling.

The film recorded only 11 lakh collections of the entire Nizam region and even in other regions, the film is even worse.

Fans of the actor are also not interested in watching the movie while RGV has acquired so many negative names for itself.

While he thought it was advertising, this stuff became too old and no one shows interest in watching his films.

As a friend, to give him the opportunity to prove himself after 30 years, when he is in the same state, Nag is also humiliated everywhere.

The film is being replaced by distributors and exhibitors with Abhimanyudu Vishal and movie buyers are looking for a good profit.

Still, the actor's fans, Nagarjuna are so hurt that they ask him to stop or make a movie that will be a blockbuster like Soggade Chinni Nayana for them to recover from trauma.
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