Sunday, 20 May 2018

I want to live like Sobhan Babu: Sharwa


I want to live like Sobhan Babu: Sharwa

Every time senior actors talk about the stars of the old generation, they talk a lot about the star of old Sobhan Babu. He has many specialties, including the disciplined lifestyle .. planning for future money .. withdrawing movies after a certain age to lead a peaceful life etc. Many top actors say that Sobhan Babu is an inspiration to them.

Not only the senior actors, but also the heroes of this generation, are also inspired by him. Talented hero Sharwanand is one of them. Sharwanand says he loves Sobhan Babu so much and loves to live like him. He said he heard a lot of good things about Sobhan Babu and they increased his respect for him.

He said that "I heard a lot of good things about him, Sobhan Babu never used to shoot after 18 hours, he spent more time with his family, he made the decision not to play in the movies after 60 hours accepting movies, even though many people have offered him roles, it's not possible that everyone is so disciplined, I wanted to be like him but I doubt that I can follow him, it is very hard.

He also said there is a misconception about the film industry that established celebrities will suppress newcomers. He said there is no truth and he is the example. He could not have gone so far if people had removed it.

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