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Why did not Niharika receive proposals for love?


Why did not Niharika receive proposals for love?

Niharika is the first heroine of the Mega family. His first film was not very successful at the box office. She is currently working on a Tamil film entitled 'Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren' (Happy Marriage in Telugu). She recently gave an interview and revealed some interesting things.

We know that there were rumors of love on Niharika with a Telugu hero. There were even rumors of marriage with Prabhas. The Mega family dismissed them as groundless. When asked about these things, she made fun of them. When she was asked about the love proposals she received, she said that she had not received any offers of love so far, as everyone thinks. She said that no one dared to offer her because of her brother, father and dad (Chiranjeevi).

She revealed openly that she sometimes felt that it would be nice if someone offered her. She said she even waited for such a proposal. She wanted to keep the proposal of love as a memory, but in one way or another she did not have any proposals for love. She said that she even thought she was not getting any proposals because she might not have beautiful looks. She said her father Naga Babu was a man of wit and gave him so much freedom.

C. Kalyan to produce a movie with Raj Tharun?


C. Kalyan to produce a movie with Raj Tharun?

Raj Tharun, suddenly lost his touch of gold at the box office after delivering back-to-back hits with his first four films.

He had a very forgettable theatrical experience with Rangula Ratnam and Andhagadu.

Now he comes with his next, Raju Gadu scheduled for a release in June. Sanjana Reddy directs the film and the promotions have also begun.

After this film, he has a film in most of Dil Raju's productions and now, we learn that he has also signed a film for C. Kalyan.

Who will be the director and what will be the story? Even we do not know how to answer these questions. Right now, we hear scripting discussions continue, but he confirmed that he would make a film for the producer, it seems.

Well, the actor has managed to have three films at different stages of production, even in the soldering phase. It looks like if he manages to score, many more producers will line up for him.

When Will Saaho Complete .. Free?


When Will Saaho Complete .. Free?

Prabhas started working on 'Saaho' after the gigantic success of 'Baahubali'. Not only the Telugu audience but the audience across India are eagerly awaiting the Prabhas movie now. Considering the expectations on the film, 'Saaho' takes the project in a prestigious way. Director Sujeeth worked on the screenplay for three years. Pre-production started a year ago. They take a year and a half for filming.

The 'Saaho' team started a long program in Dubai a month and a half ago. They can a huge action episode in the 70-day schedule. The team is working on this crucial calendar without interruption in recent days. Now they take a short break and they will resume shooting after the break. The members of the unit say that 60% of the shooting will be completed with the schedule of Dubai. They plan to wrap up the shooting by December.

The post-production of the film will take 6 months. As visual effects are of great importance in the movie, they have allocated Rs.50-60 crores budget only to VFX. They plan to release the film in August 2019. 'Saaho' will be released in several languages ​​in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. Shraddha Kapoor is the heroine of the film. Neil Nitin Mukesh and Jackie Shroff play other crucial roles. The Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy trio composes music. UV Creations finances the film. The budget of the film is about Rs.200 crores.

I want to live like Sobhan Babu: Sharwa


I want to live like Sobhan Babu: Sharwa

Every time senior actors talk about the stars of the old generation, they talk a lot about the star of old Sobhan Babu. He has many specialties, including the disciplined lifestyle .. planning for future money .. withdrawing movies after a certain age to lead a peaceful life etc. Many top actors say that Sobhan Babu is an inspiration to them.

Not only the senior actors, but also the heroes of this generation, are also inspired by him. Talented hero Sharwanand is one of them. Sharwanand says he loves Sobhan Babu so much and loves to live like him. He said he heard a lot of good things about Sobhan Babu and they increased his respect for him.

He said that "I heard a lot of good things about him, Sobhan Babu never used to shoot after 18 hours, he spent more time with his family, he made the decision not to play in the movies after 60 hours accepting movies, even though many people have offered him roles, it's not possible that everyone is so disciplined, I wanted to be like him but I doubt that I can follow him, it is very hard.

He also said there is a misconception about the film industry that established celebrities will suppress newcomers. He said there is no truth and he is the example. He could not have gone so far if people had removed it.

Flashback: Tammareddy Vs Dasari


Flashback: Tammareddy Vs Dasari

Tammareddy Bharadwaja talked a lot about Darsakaratna Dasari Narayana Rao during her birthday celebrations. He shared about his relationship with Dasari and he also revealed some personal interactions between them. These things show the close relationship between Tammareddy and Dasari when the legendary director was alive.

Surprisingly, Tammareddy recently revealed that he had a dispute with Dasari a few years ago and he did not talk to him for a while. He revealed the flashback episode with Dasari in a recent interview. He said he was very close to Dasari at first. Whenever he writes a story, he tells it to Dasari first to take his opinion. Even Dasari Garu told him his story first. He said that Dasari gave him so much priority.

Tammareddy said that when Dasari wanted to introduce his disciple Relangi Narasimha Rao as director, the differences appeared. He said: "Dasari Garu asked me to produce Relangi's first film, so I made all the preparations, but he did not like Relangi's story and kept the project aside. When I'm went to Dasari Garu to talk about it, he made me wait I got angry and I was ready to produce the same story with Relangi titled 'Maro Kurukshetram', but Dasari had other plans he announced a Another film with another director under his own banner Finally, Dasari called me and talked about it, he rebuked me: "I believed in you but you do so much hungama." I also gave an answer strong, the problem settled later. "
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