Friday, 29 December 2017

Why not Sandeep promotions?


Why not Sandeep promotions?

Sandeep Kishan who scored a blow with Venkatadri Express tried to establish his career at Tollywood. His films like Beeruva and Tiger have failed miserably at the box office. The actor has no hits in the last 2 years. His market as a hero has greatly diminished.

His latest film C / o Surya has just received a medium conversation and had no impact on his drowning career. Keeping the Tollywood aside, the actor scored a hit in Kollywood with Mayavan. After Managaram earlier this year, Sandeep recorded another blow with that. The film is already dubbed in Telugu under the title Project Z. The filmmakers had planned to release the film in both languages ​​at once but things did not work out well. The Tamil version of the film is doing very well at the box office but there are no promotions in Telugu. Sandeep does not even think about the Telugu version.

The film is preparing to hit the silver screens without any buzz. Promotions play a crucial role in the outcome of the film and Sandeep knows it very well. The beauty of the dimples Lavanya Tripathi played the female lead and Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff played a vital role. The film became a success in Tamil. If the promotions are good, the Telugu version can also become a success.

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