Tuesday, 12 December 2017

This actress does not use sanitary napkins!


This actress does not use sanitary napkins!

Dia Mirza, former ambassador for Asia-Pacific and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, said she was fiercely opposed to the use of sanitary napkins and sanitary napkins. The actress suggested that the plastic used in these items is non-biodegradable and that people should find alternatives to such environmental risks.

The actress said: "Sanitary napkins and diapers pollute the environment on a larger scale and that's why during the periods, I stopped using pads." As an actor, if I say that, it's a big thing because We also promote sanitary napkins and, every time I get sanitary napkin promotions, I clearly deny them.

She went on to say and suggest, "I use biodegradable towels that are 100% naturally destroyed. In our country, many women still use pieces of cotton fabric during times ... but now, a lot of options have arrived. bad for the environment. "The actress said we should make an effort to change our environment more friendly to our next generations than to pollute it more.

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