Friday, 29 December 2017

Tax evasion is coming to Hollywood too!


Tax evasion is coming to Hollywood too!

Tax evasion is a common occurrence in the film industry. Many film personalities are looking for opportunities to avoid taxes. We have seen the recent case where Amala Paul registered her car in Pondicherry to escape the tax of 20 rupees lakh. Even the salaries are also broadcast in black and white in the film industry. Many people try to take advantage of the system's flaws, but it is surprising to know that it is the same in developed countries, especially in the Hollywood film industry.

Popular actress Lindsay Loan would be on the list of those who evade taxes. People magazine recently revealed it and allegedly defrauded taxes during the 2010-2014-2015 period. Apparently she escaped a tax of one million rupees. She tried to project less pay when she made an appearance in the movie Machete. The actress who also makes a television series named Lindsey is currently walking in the countries of London and Dubai.

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