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I am tempted to describe the "Outlander" plot as absurd, but a film about an alien spaceship crashing into a Viking fjord during the Iron Age is likely to be absurd. Two extraterrestrial life forms survive the crash: Kainan, and a monster known as "The Moorwen". Kainan, played by Jim Caviezel, looks exactly like a human being. The Moorwen looks like a giant hippopotamus, fast, armored with a toothy forehead designed in the same forges of hell that produced the alien in "Alien".

Kainan was returning from the native planet of Moorwen, which his race had terraformed, not quite destroying all Moorwens. The creatures counterattacked most of Kainan's settlers; What he does not understand is that Moorwen was on board when he took off. Kainan uses a handy device to pump the local language of the Earth (Viking, spoken in English) into his mind through his eyeball, and soon meets the nearest Viking village.

Having seen more than a few films, we have the intuition that this village will contain a venerable king (Rothgar, played by John Hurt), his bodacious daughter (Freya, played by Sophia Myles), a jealous young warrior (Wulfric, played by Jack Huston) and a threatening dissident (Gunnar, played by Ron Perlman). There are also many villagers in the background who are very interested.


The village is wary of this strange "stranger". Then the Vikings begin to disappear into the forest, and Kainan realizes he has brought a passenger. After rescuing Rothgar from Moorwen, he wins the royal favor and arranges the village in a plan to lure the beast into a deep pit with stakes at the bottom and burn it alive.

I started studying science fiction at the age of 9 with Tom Corbett, Space Cadet. I learned to love the authors who incorporated as much science as possible: Clarke, Asimov, Heinlein. They would have had questions about Kainan. For example, is he as human as he appears? It seems unlikely, from a Darwinian point of view, that two human species evolve independently and simultaneously on separate worlds. Especially since they share common sexual feelings and would be able to mate, although this is precisely what Kainan and Freya propose.

But yes, their flowers of love, on the background of Arthurian romance. The Moorwen is the dragon, of course. And a lot depends on a sword powerful enough to pierce his armor. To forge this Excalibur, Kainan dives into the fjord and recovers scrap from the wreck of his ship, which quickly brings the Iron Age to this village. The culmination involves the usual violent and inconsistent special effects scenes, after which Rothgar gives Kainan the hand of his daughter, and Kainan and Freya are likely to withdraw to find out if separate evolutionary paths have equipped them with compatible devices.


"Outlander" is interesting as a collision of genres: the monster film meets the Viking saga. You must credit him with bringing this premise to its ultimate (if not logical) conclusion. It seems to me, however, that the Moorwen had legitimate reasons to be saddened. Kainan's first race appropriated the planet Moorwen for her own purposes, then she massacred the Moorwens, now she was attacking a survivor. Do you think that genocide or colonialism are concepts that are found in Outlander? No chance. That's because Kainan is so human, and the Moorwens are, well, just not our kind.

In theaters: January 23, 2009
On DVD or streaming: May 19, 2009
Cast: James Caviezel, John Hurt, Ron Perlman, Sophia Myles
Director: Howard McCain
Studio: Weinstein Co.
Genre: Science Fiction
Run time: 115 minutes
MPAA rating: R
MPAA explanation: violence

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