Tuesday, 12 December 2017

NTR is our eldest son: Krishna's mother


NTR is our eldest son: Krishna's mother

K Raghavendra Rao revealed an indescribable fact related to NT Rama Rao and Krishna at the launch of Manjula's Manjuki Nachindi's First Man Look. 'They say that NTR and Krishna had differences. We need to know little about great people. For the opening ceremony of Padmalaya Studios, NTR was the main guest. The Krishna Mother who was there announced that NTR is his eldest son. Tears begin to roll if we experience such wonderful incidents. Who would give more importance to someone other than his own son? Krishna saw peaks because he was born to such great people, "he said.

Since her childhood, Manjula had expressed her desire to work as an assistant director at K Raghavendra Rao camp. To her surprise, Manjula informed KRR that she became a director without working as an assistant. When the veteran filmmaker was angry, Manjula claimed that she was "ekalavya". "Like Gurudakshan, I asked him to show me some clippings. Then I was shown two songs ... I should tell him hats after watching them. Hero Amyra Dastur is so beautiful and Sundeep looked elegant. The photography is very good, "said the legendary filmmaker.

The advice that KRR offers to new and future directors is to find Producers who can promote the film and plan the release. He is happy for Manjula who chose Gemini Kiran as producer.

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