Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Praveen Sattaru talks about Garuda vega Movie Budget


Praveen Sattaru talks about Garuda vega Movie Budget

Praveen Sattaru rose to fame with Chandamama Kathalu and won a National Award for the film. After that, in a budget shoe chain did Guntur Talkies. It later became a blockbuster as a comedy for adults. Now, the director will come from PSV Garuda Vega with Rajasekhar in the lead.

The main attraction for this movie turned out to be the budget. With the hero Rajasekhar, the producer Kotteswarraju spent more than 25 crores and that became a big point of discussion. Praveen Sattaru reacted to this with strong words. "Why are people so obsessed with the budget? I never understand." A stranger with a nearby hero made a movie like Arjun Reddy and made more than 30 million rupees with a production cost of 4 million rupees. It's about how much you spend, but about the content ... I wrote this story 10 years ago and now, I had the opportunity to do it.

"Anyway, it's not a director's job to talk about a budget, a line producer will handle that conversation and it's ridiculous to ask a director about the budget after telling a story," the director said. Then he commented on Sunny Leone's song and said: "We added a Sunny article number exclusively for business and it went well." PSV Garuda Vega will premiere on November 3.

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