Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Bunny Vas stands Posani Krishna!


Bunny Vas stands Posani Krishna!

The murky waters of the Nandi Awards have increased. The lobbying of the Kamma community has become a major point in the controversy and today, Posani Krishna Murali decided that he would choose to refuse the attribution of this committee against the words of Nara Lokesh, the Minister of Technology of the information from Andhra Pradesh.

He announced this in the afternoon and immediately, he receives support from people who first commented on the awards like Bunny Vas. The producer on his posted Facebook page,

@posani garu

Sir .... 100% eligible to receive the award .....

We were born in AP .. we grew up in AP not in the USA .... we studied in AP not in the USA ..... our focus is AP ...... no need to prove that we belong to AP. . "

He commented satirically on Nara Lokesh who wanted to differentiate actors and producers in Andhra Pradesh from the Telangana people and said that those who do not have to vote in Andhra Pradesh should not talk about the government's decisions. Andhra Pradesh. Bunny Vas has been a strong supporter of Mega Family and is a regular contributor to Geeta Productions and Allu Aravind. Well, the controversy seems to have plunged deeper into politics and caste-based division in the film industry.

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