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The Golden Compass (2007) Telugu Dubbed Movie free Download

The Golden Compass (2007) Telugu Dubbed Movie free Download

The Golden Compass (2007) Telugu Dubbed Movie free Download

If Darth Vader wore a blonde wig, a slinky dress and a piece of Chanel behind each ear, he could hardly be as evil as Nicole Kidman, playing lovely Mrs Coulter in this spectacular new version of Northern Lights, Opening of Philip Pullman's The Dark Materials fantasy series.

Pullman would have suggested Kidman for the role. Even if he did not have it, Kidman herself would have been kicking the door of her agent to get it. It is the best part for her: statuesque, elegant, seductive, with a hint of cold steel. In many respects, it is his most juicious character since the sociopathic meteorologist of Die Die For.

Ms. Coulter's indescribable plan is to bring the infidel teenager Lyra into her clutches, and among other drasardly projects catch Lyra's precious Alethiometer, or the Compass of Gold: a magic machine, fob-watch-type Which does not say the time, but the truth itself.

Lyra is played by Dakota Blue Richards, who with a name like this should really be a 27-year-old singer from the United States. In fact, she is a 13-year-old newcomer from Brighton, and she is doing well, although her rough "sea urchin" accent comes and goes.

The golden compass is defined in a retro-futuristic version of the real world: a slightly Gilliamesque place of oddly crowded neo-classical cities and flying machines Heath Robinson. Here, human beings all have their own "demons", like witch-dogs, but benign and distorting essences that embody the human spirit of this person.

It is a world dominated by the Magisterium, a powerful mental cult. Boldly hearing the Magisterium, the uncle and the adored guardian of Lyra, the brave Lord Asriel, who, like Indiana Jones, has a glamorous career portfolio. Asriel is a man of action, seeing mystical, anthropologist and Oxford don. From his travels in the frozen north, he found evidence of other worlds, other existences. He is therefore suspected of heresy by the Magisterium, desirous of imposing a kind of Vatican-caliphe-Soviet law on all minds. Her agent, Ms. Coulter, is ready to work on Lyra and is also pursuing a horrible plan against children in general.

Aslyn is played by Daniel Craig, who has a distinctive non-Bond beard for the occasion, and is a colleague of Jordan College, Oxford, who allows Lyra to live there in a small mansard room and he Grants the remarkable privilege of Dinner at the High Table.

In his struggle against the forces of regimented thought and evil in general, Lyra finds himself involved with a group of wildly diverse brothers, including a cowboy-adventurer played by Sam Elliott, the great nomads played by Jim Carter and Tom Courtenay And a great aggressive polar bear called Iorek Byrnison, expressed by Ian McKellen, who has a very violent moment of bear action with a hated usurper of his royal status. It is so violent, on the other hand, that this scene could almost exclude a younger audience.

As with many adaptations of this kind, a lot of background material from the novel that could acclimatize us to the strange and distinctive world of history has been removed.
You are simply plunged directly into action and have to get used to this amazing and exotic new universe as you can. The effect is interesting and alienating, although the more minimal is more absurd than what I think Philip Pullman would have liked. It is not difficult to see what buttons this movie strikes: Narnia, Hobbits, Hogwarts, Star Wars. Christopher Lee has a small part - and I really hope he has more to do in successive episodes.

The congested imaginary universe of The Golden Compass gets used to, and in some respects, as a non-follower of Pullman books, I still have to be sold completely. But it seems really wonderful, with the epic chart and an excellent central performance of Nicole Kidman, who maybe to dominate our children's nightmares the way Robert Helpmann's child caretaker at Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has already done ours. It has no other challengers like the big Christmas movie this year.

Audio  :  Telugu
Length  :  1h 55m 54s
Subtitels  :  No
Formart  :  Mkv
File Size  :  780Mb
Source  :  Blu-Rey


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