Sunday, 11 June 2017

He says the rabbit has transformed a Brahmin


He says the rabbit has transformed a Brahmin

The lyrics of Asmaika Yoga Tasmaika Bhoga Rasmaika Raga Hindolam upset the brahmans. As the words are reprehensible, their community has raised objections. The DJ team has removed the reprehensible words ... not only that ... Harish Shankar and Allu Arjun are trying to woo Brahmans.

Harish Shankar revealed that when he was at Bunny's house in the early morning, there were ten Brahmins. He thought there was a puja activity in his house ... but he knew later that Bunny invited them to his house to improve his diction ... knowing how to read Vedas ... how to sing them With a perfect accent. Harish said that Bunny has worked hard to appear as a traditional Brahman ... and talk like them and succeed. Bunny said he stopped eating non-vegetarian food when he played the role of DJ. He said it was a proud moment for the Brahmins.

Speaking of Harish Shankar, it seems that he says that ... Bunny is a Brahmin ... thank you for believing me. But we did not clarify that until we were watching the film. Then we can only know to what extent the Brahmin community believes it. Whatever the case, Bunny's dedication is commendable.

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