Friday, 23 June 2017

Director Harish Shocks With Caste References


Director Harish Shocks With Caste References

Director Harish Shankar has given some powerful shocks to the audience with 'DJ-Duvvada Jagannadham'. He used caste references... but tried to cover it up with other dialogues.. it is a shocker to the audience.

In a particular scene anchor Jhansi says that she belongs to Kamma caste but she is scared of fixing a match for her daughter with Vijayawada Brahmin boy.. Allu Arjun says that "Bezawada ante.. kondapaina Ammavaru.. kinda Kammavaru".  It may be a fact that some of the Kamma caste leaders are in top positions in Vijayawada.. but generalizing entire city is full of Kamma caste people is not digestible to Vijayawada people.

Similarly Harish came up with another dialogue on Brahmins in a pre-climax scene.. 'Pillini.. Panthulni Champakudadani maa amma cheppindi'(My mother told me not to kill a cat & a Brahmin).  Villian utters this dialogue with Bunny.  But Bunny counters the dialogue by comparing himself with a Tiger as he is a Brahmin in the film.  Somehow still 'Pilli.. Panthulu' reference is not that comfortable.

When he utters 'Kammavaru' dialogue.. Bunny tries to cover it up later with another dialogue saying that he told that only to satisfy her.. and nobody knows about inter caste better than him.  But still it is like a potshot.  Harish only knows why he has choosen this kind of dialogues.

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