Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Bollywood Star SRK narrates Mahabharat to his son!


Bollywood Star SRK narrates Mahabharat to his son!

Shah Rukh Khan is definitely one secular Superstar of our country as even though he is a Muslim, he married a Hindu woman, Gauri. He said to be following each and every festival in both the religions and also respect Christianity. It is a common sight, that many of his admirers mob at his residence, Mannat for one affectionate wave of his from his building's balcony.

He spoke to media after greeting his fans at Taj Lands End Hotel and he said, " I have been reading Mahabharat for last one and half years and I narrate the stories to my younger son, Abram in an exciting way."

The actor has earlier expressed his wish to produce, Mahabharat with Hollywood productions and great quality visuals that World will be stunned to know such a story from India. Now with this admission, he is giving a clear indication that he will make the movie someday. The actor also talked about respecting the other religion and he said, " I read stories from Mahabharat and Islam to my younger son as it is important for him to respect both the religions and enjoy the facts and beauty in them."

The actor recently completed 25 years in Cinema and he talked about his successors and his children, Aryan and Suhana entering into Cinema. The actor said, " In my house, if you're not a graduate you're not allowed into the house. So whatever my children prefer to do in their life, they first need to complete at least graduation. That makes five years of studies for Suhana and four years for Aryan. After that, if they choose to enter Cinema, then they will study Cinema. Since we take them around, it doesn't mean that we think people will notice them and make them actors."

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