Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Are critics villains, Director Harish Shankar?


Are critics villains, Director Harish Shankar?

Many filmmakers have expressed their displeasure over unfavourable reviews and critical bashing of their movies. Some commented that critics are good for nothing people who are losers that just leech on criticising other's work. Harish Shankar always maintained that he respects every opinion but still he comments on critics in his new movie, Duvvada Jagannadam Thank You Meet, fortnight.

Harish Shankar said, " India is a democratic country and everyone has a right to express their opinion. I respect an opinion about my film but when people talk about my attitude in the reviews, I don't have to tolerate. Who the hell are you, to talk about my attitude? Since my attitude there is Gabbar Singh, not because of Gabbar Singh, I developed an attitude. I wanted to clear that first. Also, I made a good entertainer and I know how much did my producer Dil Raju spent and what hard work my hero, Allu Arjun has put in and I don't like the comments few passed in their reviews towards them. In all fairness, when a good entertainer is released, it is the revenues that should speak, not the reviews!"

Fine, we accept that it is wrong to comment on his attitude but when it comes to his film, even people are panning it like critics. If everyone is loving the film then how come there is divide talk? On social media, on youtube, twitter and facebook there are hundreds of posts and comments about how underwhelming the movie is and for facts, anybody can check the feeds.

We are surprised by this onslaught by a sensitive person like, Harish Shankar. Revenues earned by a film are not directly proportional to how good or bad it is, they just indicate how popular they are and how much people enjoyed them. While saying, I respect everyone's opinion such harsh words towards critics just because the movie earned some moolah doesn't suit you sir. Critics are not villains, they just reflect to what they see on screen.

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