Sunday, 28 May 2017

Will Spyder Teaser miss Special Day?


Will Spyder Teaser miss Special Day?

Mahesh Babu continued the tradition of releasing the First Look Posters or Promos of his upcoming films on May 31st, which marks Superstar Krishna's birthday. This tradition which has been continued since the past 6 years is likely to end now.

If the sources are to be believed, AR Murugadoss is very particular that neither posters nor promos will be released unless he is completely satisfied with the outcome. He seems to be in no mood to unveil the teaser in a hurry.

Murugadoss invited the wrath of fans by delaying the First Look Posters by few weeks. And now, He is making them restless by making them wait even longer. Already, Fans were disappointed to know the postponement of theatrical release to September. The latest update would only lead to impatience.

Of course, There is no official confirmation from 'Spyder' Makers over the delay of teaser release so far. So, Let's be hopeful!

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