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Ra Randoi Veduka Chuddam Movie Review


Movie Review: RaaRandoi Veduka Chuddam

Rating: 2.75/5

Cast: Nagarn Chaitanya, Rakul Preet Singh, Jagapathi Babu, Sampath Raj, Vennela rnKishore, Chalapathi Rao, Banerjee, Annapurna, Posani Krishna Murali, rnPruthvi, Sapthagiri, Thagubothu Ramesh and Others.

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematography: Visweswar

Screenplay: Satyanand

Producer: Akkineni Nagarjuna

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Kalyan Krishna

Release Date: 26th May 2017

'Soggadern Chinni Nayana' directed by Kalyan Krishna stood as the biggest hit in rnthe career of Akkineni Nagarjuna. Even the second movie of this Young rnFilmmaker is under Annapurna Productions banner but this time Naga rnChaitanya plays the male lead. Publicity Material of 'Ra Randoi Veduka rnChudham' has spread the positive vibe. Has the final outcome met the rnexpectations? Let's see...


Shivarn (Naga Chaitanya), a billionaire's son, lands in a village for the rnwedding of his brother and ends up falling in love with Brahmaramba rn(Rakul Preet Singh). He tries his best to woo her but she never rnacknowledges it. Later, The story shifts to Vizag city where Brahmarambarn pursues her higher studies. Shiva keeps following her but a clash rnbetween the two breaks his heart. It was only after Shiva walks out of rnher life, Brahmaramba realizes how much he loves her and wishes to get rnclose to him. But, The rivalry between the families of Shiva and rnBrahmaramba becomes a huge hurdle for them. How the Love Birds unite rnwith the acceptance of both their families form the rest of the tale!


Nagarn Chaitanya has given a matured performance, especially in the break-up rnsequence. He also impresses in the combination scenes with Jagapathi rnBabu. Chaitu exhibited the inner-conflict of a lover beautiful. He, rnhowever, appears misfit in the funny sequences.

Rakul Preet rnSingh kept saying the role of Brahmaramba is one of her career-best. Shern did perform superbly and even dominates Chaitu in few scenes. The role rnplayed by Rakul has got good significance but Director should have rnmoulded the character even better.

Jagapathi Babu's character is rndisappointing as there is no speciality what-so-ever. There is monotony rnin the Rich-Dad Roles played by him in the recent past.

Sampath rnexcelled as Heroine's Father. Kausaya has done justice to her character.rn Vennela Kishore tickles the funny bone. Main Antagonist failed to rncreate a strong impact.


Lead Pair

Break-up Sequence

Second Half





Songsrn composed by Devi Sri Prasad are pleasing to ears and even the rnpicturization is impressive but the problem is with their placement. rnBackground Score is fine. Cinematography by Visweswar is colorful. rnProduction Values are appreciable. Screenplay penned by Satyanand & rnKalyan Krishna is very ordinary. For 'Soggade Chinni Nayana', Kalyan rnKrishna generated entertainment based on Bangarraju character. This rntime, He choose Brahmaramba's character to yield a similar result but rndidn't design it to perfection. Neverthless, His expertise could be rnwitnessed in few emotional and comedy scenes. 'Ra Randoi...' isn't up torn 'Soggade…' standards in terms of entertainment values.


Heroinern is an immature girl who thinks everything from her angle only and rnhardly bothers to care about feelings of others. Whereas, Hero falls rnhead over heels for Heroine and tries his best to avoid any kind of rndiscomfort for her. Still, Heroine doesn't understand the true love and rnhurts him. How will Hero reacts then? This particular scene in 'Ra rnRandoi Veduka Chudam' stood as a major highlight. Anybody who watched rnthe movie connects with this sequence instantly…such is the Writing rn& Performance! Had if the entire movie is as good as this episode, rnIt would have been like a real celebration!

Kalyan Krishna failedrn to either maintain the same standards throughout the movie or live up rnto the expectations. Routine Story & Screenplay are the biggest rndrawbacks. Of course, There are few good moments which keep the viewers rnengaged. The wedding set-up in the beginning of the movie sends a rnpositive vibration. However, Director wasn't able to do complete justicern here.

Even the Love Story isn't engaging at all. The only rnpositive aspect is the characterization of the female lead. Compared to rnFirst Half, Second Half is a lot better and stood as an asset. The rnbreak-up scene elevates the movie to a whole new level. Vennela Kishore rnis able to generate hilarious comedy in regular intervals. End result rnwould have been lot better had if the audience were able to connect withrn the emotion in the Climax.

Overall, 'Ra Randoi Veduka Chudam' rnisn't up to the tall claims of Akkineni Nagarjuna. This so-called rnwholesome family entertainer looks like a decent film if gone to rntheaters with minimal or low expectations.

Bottom Line: Just Watchable!

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