Saturday, 13 May 2017

Finally, Happydays Hero Tyson Identified His Drawback


Finally, Happydays Hero Tyson Identified His Drawback

The four heroes and heroine Tamannah who were part of 'Happy Days' film which was released ten years ago, got so much popularity with that film.  But there are very few who used this popularity in the right direction and increased their range.

Rahul, who has impressed everybody with his Tyson character in 'Happy Days.. has slowed down in his career later.  Even though he has choosen new concepts and different stories, he could not achieve success.  Rahul is saying that he has finally identified the reason behind this..i.e., 'his voice'.  He said that he has choosen a professional dubbing artiste for 'Venkatapuram' to dub the voice for him.

In fact, Rahul voice was suitable for Tyson role.. but the voice is not suitable for lead roles as his voice is not clear.  He said that it took several years to recognize his drawback.  Heroes like Suman.. Rajasekhar have identified this drawback in the initial days of their career and they have choosen professional dubbing artiste like Sai Kumar to dub voice for their roles.  Whatever be the case, Rahul finally followed their route.

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