Sunday, 28 May 2017

Does Rajamouli still hold it against Sri Devi?


Does Rajamouli still hold it against Sri Devi?

SS Rajamouli, the Baahubali creator is known for his outspoken attitude at times trying to put forth what he honestly felt during some situations.

Normally a shy and careful man, he comments on few things in a comic way but his emotions get better off him while he is doing so. Many times, we have been told that Rajamouli even though first wanted Ramyakrishnan for the role of Sivagami, to get National buzz on the movie, he approached Sri Devi to act as Sivagami.

The actress did not want to play a mother character on screen for young heros and rejected the offer. Rajamouli himself said that in interviews but after the movie has become such a huge hit, he might be having some ego issue to accept that Sri Devi did reject a role in his Magnum opus.

It is highly normal to face rejection in Film Industry but the way Rajamouli spoke about her in a popular chat program on a news broadcasting channel, one can say he is still upset that he faced rejection from the actress. The director might say he is trying to be funny but it came out really sarcastic against the diva. Well, Rajamouli seems to be one who holds few grudges as he even spoke about being upset with Allu Aravind in a serious tone.

We can only say if it is trick promo cut or the director is seriously upset with these two biggies, can only be known when the complete interview airs.

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