Thursday, 27 April 2017

Sexy Heroin Tamannah clarifies the rumours!

Sexy Heroin Tamannah clarifies the rumours!

The adorably cute actress and milky beauty, Tamannah has been missing from all the Bahubali action and many speculated she us miffed with the makers mainly, Rajamouli for cutting off her role with her knowledge in the second part.

Also many said that she had problems with producers and production for not giving her enough priority in publicity material as well. While Tamannah's  character Avantika is the main lead actress of part one, in the second one, Anushka who had less screen time in the first part as Deva Sena will have a more prominent role.

Stating this Tamannah, at a recent interview, rubbished the rumours about her being upset with Rajamouli. She clearly stated that she cannot be upset with Rajamouli for any reason and actually wonders who creats all these. She said respects the man more for creating a great franchise and making her a part of it. She said she couldn't attend all the promotional activities as she was busy with prior commitments. Also she reiterated that Avatanika will have a considerable role in climax.

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