Thursday, 27 April 2017

Is Bahubali-2 theatre release count a hoax?

Is Bahubali-2 theatre release count a hoax?

Is-Bahubali2-theatre-release-count-a-hoax-Andhra-TalkiesBahubali producers have created records in promotional strategies. They invented new marketing tricks to keep the interest in the movie in common audience alive over the years and today, Bahubali2 has become the most craziest Telugu Film ever. Now, they have been publicising that the movie will release in more than 7000 theatres.

Many trade experts are commenting that the screen count said by producers cannot be true. The makers are saying that the movie is releasing in 3000 screens in Telugu and other versions, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi are releasing in 4000 screens. Now, the experts are saying that any big movie in India can only expect maximum of 5000 screens release and this number that Bahubali makers have announced is just a hoax.

The producers did get permission from two Telugu states to exhibit daily 5 to 6 shows in theatres. This should help them in generation huge revenues. Well, with so many marketing schemes and tricks Bahubali producers are able to create huge buzz among the audience. We have see if movie can deliver on the promise and become a huge hit.

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