Saturday, 8 April 2017

Cheliyaa shocked Mega Star Chiru & Cherry?

Cheliyaa shocked Chiru & Cherry?

No doubt.. Mani Ratnam is a legendary director.. no doubt he is a brand..but that doesn't assure success at the box office.  His recent release 'Cheliyaa' has once again proved that the director has lost his magic touch.  Even though many people quote 'OK Bangaram' as his comeback film.. the reality is that it was not a super hit in commerical terms. Before 'OK Bangaram'  Mani Ratnam delivered a series of disasters.  As 'Cheliyaa' has been hit the screens now, what about his next film with Ram Charan ?

It is known that Charan is keen to do film with Mani Ratnam and the same thing has been revealed to the media few weeks back.   As 'Cheliyaa' turned out to be tedious film, the buzz from film circles says that Charan and Chiru are said to be rethinking about Mani Ratnam film.  Even though Charan is re-inventing himself with different concepts.. he is not in a position to take this kind of shock from Mani sir.

Charan's earlier film 'Dhruva' was a classy film. His ongoing film with Sukumar is undboutedly an experimental one.. and no one can guess how mega fans are going to receive this kind of experiment from him. Based on these developments some say that, Charan teaming up with Mani sir after Sukumar film is going to be doubtful.

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