Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Journalists assaulted, Shankar apologize!

Unit Members of '2.0' directed by Shankar assaulted two Photo Hindi journalists on film sets at Triplicane in Chennai Today.

On Wednesday, senior reporters SR Ragunathan and G Sribharath were on their way to an assignment in RK Nagar of Triplicane. Knowing that the way was blocked by the film crew, the Two Journalists asked the Unit Members why they had been violating the rules. (The police allow shooting in public places only between 11 PM and 6 AM). Immediately, the Bouncers and Unit Members began to attack them.

SR Ragunathan filed a police complaint against '2.0' members of the Unit and Case has been booked. The police arrested Principal Deputy Director Pappu who is a relative of Shankar for participating in the assault.

Finally, Shankar put an end to the issue by apologizing to journalists. He says he has no idea of ​​the incident, but promises to make sure that such things are not repeated.

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