Friday, 24 February 2017

You can not stop looking at My Bo ** m: Disha Patani


You can not stop looking at My Bo ** m: Disha Patani

Disha Patani has been attacked after she had been at the Filmfare Awards Ceremony wearing a revealing costume. Netizens began to post disgusting comments about excessive exposure and began preaching how an Indian girl should be. Beauty Loafer did not forgive the vagabonds and taught them to be respectful.

To begin with, Disha Patani remembers having read so much news lately about rape and annoyance. He added: "What a shame for not being respectful enough to know certain limits that make you a human being and not an animal. It is easier to judge a woman based on how much they cover up her skin, but it is difficult to accept Your own cheap mentality where you can not help but look at those inappropriate areas! '

The beauty of "Kung Fu Yoga" called on critics to wake up and begin to accept that women are not going to be anyone's idea of ​​an "Indian girl." She advised, "Do not let your frustration destroy someone's life. Stop hypocrisy and open your mind."

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