Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Who is hero in ‘Sri Krishna Devaraya’ of Krish? : Andhra Talkies


Who is  hero in ‘Sri Krishna Devaraya’ of Krish?

Krish is a talented director.. no one will have objections on this statement. When it comes to the commercial success, many opine that he could not make commercially successful films. But Krish proved that he can make commercial hits with Balakrishna’s 100th film Gautami Putra Shatakarni. He has also proved that the film makers can mint money at the box office with historical films.

Energized with the success of GPSK,  he went on to say that he will make two more historical films.
Krish talked about two subjects.. one is Sri Krishna Devaraya.. second is Gautama Buddha.  It is not that easy to make these films.  Let us keep Gautama Buddha movie aside for a while..Sri Krishna Devaraya project become a hot topic now. Because everybody started discussing about the actor who will play Sri Krishna Devaraya role.  Usually Balakrishna name comes into our mind if someone talks of such roles. Moreover, he has impressed the audience big time in Sri Krishna Devaraya role in Aditya 369 movie.  So it tough to see another hero in that role.

In such a situation, there are doubts that Krish must have planned his next film with Balayya. It is known that Krish – Venkatesh project has been cancelled.  Balayya not yet decided on his next project.  So.. Balayya – Krish combo is possible once again ? It is a tough question to answer. Balayya might not do experiments continuously. Similarly Krish would not want a stamp as Nandamuri family director.  So the million dollar question is .. Who is the Sri Krishna Devaraya in the mind of talented director ?

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