Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Srinivasa Kalyanam of the director of Satamanam : Andhra Talkies


Srinivasa Kalyanam of the director of Satamanam

The success of "Satamanam Bhavati" is so great that it emerged as the biggest winner of Sharwanand's life. We must thank the scriptwriter and director Satish Vegesna for that film.

Apparently writer Satish has prepared many stories beforehand, but now that he has a super hit on his he is pulling them out of pussy. His next film is another familiar artist and is titled "Srinivasa Kalyanam" to be produced by Dil Raju. At present the discussions are in the Nagarjuna rope for lead role, while still to be confirmed.

It seems that Dil Raju wants to repeat a feat of success with his director for another time. We have to see what hero takes it.

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