Monday, 13 February 2017

Shocking Transformation of Tamanna | Andhra Talkies

Shocking Transformation of Tamanna

Shocking Transformation of Tamanna

Tamanna is synonym to glamour and there is no denying about it. Movie Buffs have this kind of impression, particularly after watching her skin show in films such as Baahubali, Bengal Tiger and Oopiri.

However, The Milky Beauty is now on a mission to prove she could fit perfectly into de-glamorous roles as well. For a change, She signed horror flick ‘Abhinetri’ in which she will be see in a typical village belle role. Even for the teaser launch of the movie, Tamanna retained the same look to stuns everyone. Cotton Saree, Colourful Bangles, Sindhoor on her forehead and the flowers attached to her hair gave a hint of how her look in ‘Abhinetri’ is going to be.

AL Vijay of ‘Nanna’ fame directed ‘Abhinetri’. Contrary to the expectations, The teaser consists of only Prabhudeva’s dance sequence in collaboration with Amy Jackson. May be, Tamanna will shock the movie buffs with some thrilling elements in the next teaser or trailer. Be patient until then..!

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