Monday, 13 February 2017

Rajendra Prasad’s wife in check bounce case? | Andhra Talkies

Rajendra Prasad’s wife in check bounce case?

Rajendra Prasad’s wife in check bounce case?

Popular actor, MAA President Rajendra Prasad’s wife Vijaya Chamnudeswari got involved in check bounce case. It is coming out that Chamundeswari took Rs 25 lakhs from distributor and industrialist Jaya Bharat Reddy, Kadapa in 213 and signed on papers promising to return the money in six months.

Chamundeswari finally gave him two checks of Rs 10 lakhs and Rs 15 lakhs in June 2016 and asked him to present in August. But he got shock when bank officials informed them that they got bounced back.

Jayabharat Reddy approached court and his lawyer arguing his case said it was painful that the checks bounced. Court postponed the case to Feb 21st. Now Rajendra Prasad’s wife getting involved in check bounce case became hot topic in the industry.

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