Friday, 24 February 2017

'Local' Nani ready for MCA!


'Local' Nani ready for MCA!

Students usually have a goal. To find an IT job. It has two routes .. either to study B.Tech or to study M.C.A. Natural Star Nani must have chosen the second route to find an IT job.

Producer Dil Raju made Nenu Local with Nani recently. The movie became a super hit with simple content ... basic commercial elements. The star power of Nani reached its next level with the success of Nenu Local. So Dil Raju is getting ready for another movie with the same hero. He released a new Nenu Local poster, and revealed that filming 'MCA' will start soon. We have to wait a little longer to figure out if Nani is going to study MCA to find an IT job .. or .. there is some other Puri style complete form for MCA.

Nani is currently busy filming Ninnu Kori in the United States. Nani is celebrating her birthday today .. so everyone is announcing their new projects with Nani. By the way .. Happy Birthday Nani ..

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